The Big Red Carpet #20 Friday 7/10/15

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Welcome to The Big Red Carpet! 

Break Fast, by Jaco Haasbroek via
Break Fast, by Jaco Haasbroek via

In addition to the twelve stories shown, each section header takes you to an archive of all the links to date from that section.

I offer three such archives, one for each section of The Big Red Carpet.

I eagerly invite you to:

1) Share everything you find here,

2) Comment here: otherwise I get lonely!

3) Submit material. Use The Big Red Carpet to share, advertise and publicize!  Contact me however you like: I list contact options at the bottom of the INTRO & Contact Info page.

Nursing Links: 

Mammograms may not reduce breast cancer deaths

The Real Story of the Bottled Water Industry

New Walking Robot Invented To Assist Elder Citizens

Bacteria-Eating Viruses Could Be New Ally Against Superbugs In A ‘Post-Antibiotic Era’

How nurses can help prevent at-home med errors 

Mental Health Links: 

This Group Depression Treatment is as Effective as Individual Therapy

Panic Attacks: Study Reveals The Best Type of Treatment

Hold on Tonight | Poetry of an eccentric sheep

Bipolar Aches & Pains | Brighton Bipolar

A video dedicated to the mentally ill

Art/Fun Links: 

ART – Fearful 

Let Go – by Motivating Giraffe

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