Twelve New Items in The Big Red Carpet #17 Tuesday 7/7/15

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Welcome to The Big Red Carpet! 

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In addition to the twelve stories shown, each section header takes you to an archive of all the links to date from that section.

I offer three such archives, one for each section of The Big Red Carpet.

I eagerly invite you to:

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3) Submit material. Use The Big Red Carpet to share, advertise and publicize!  Contact me however you like: I list contact options at the bottom of the INTRO & Contact Info page.

Nursing Links: 

Dr. Monica Alleman Reports on AANP National Conference Accessible Healthcare Institute

What is at the core of this sad miscommunication story? – Communication gets too little repsect and attention in healht care, and millions of errors result, as well as lots of misery for all involved. We can do better.

Your Next Shift Announces Massive Change!– Time was, you had to travel for these fun & inpsiring sessions. No more: they’re going on line!

Exceptional Nurse: Becky Stowers, RN…a stroke survivor reminds us to think “FAST”

Placebos ‘relieve symptoms, improve treatments’

Mental Health Links: 

Finding a Reason to Live When You Have a Mental Illness

Texas hopes to attract more mental health care workers

Psychiatric Hospitalization – Advice for family members: what to do when a loved one gets admitted to hospital.

Could playing computer games reduce unwanted memories in PTSD? – Researchers look to interfere with memory consolidation, and thus reduce problems with unwanted intrusive memories.

The Art of Being Alive Series: Addressing Global Stigmatization of Mental Health, Time for a New Face for MentalHealth. | Adedayo Fashanu.

Art/Fun Links: 

The Cave: An Adaptation of Plato’s Allegory in Clay | Persona

“As If It Were Already Here” | turtle moon impressions – cool public art from Boston


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