The Big Red Carpet #9 Wednesday 7/1/15: 18 New Stories!

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THE DAILY LACOMBE I odeliarozenfeld


Welcome to The Big Red Carpet!

Links are nice. They’re better when you string them together into chains…

In addition to the eighteen stories shown below, each section header is also a button. It takes you to a permanent archive of all the links to date from that section.

I offer three archives, Nursing, Mental Health, and Art/Fun: one for each sections of The Big Red Links.

I eagerly invite you to:

1) Share everything you find here,

2) Comment here: otherwise I get lonely!

3) Submit material. Use The Big Red Links to share, advertise and publicize!  Contact me however you like: I list contact options at the bottom of the INTRO & Contact Info page.

Nursing Links: 

Does acetaminophen use in pregnancy lower testosterone in the male fetus? | THE HEALTH SCOPE by Cynthia Jaffe, D.C., NP Tylenol has been taking a beating lately: no benefit shown for back pain (none!), evidence it dulls all emotions indiscriminately, and now this!

From Blog to Business: 8 Ways to Help Nurses Get Started – Marsha Battee

The Behaviors That Are Killing Your Career A Guest Post by Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi | Caring For The Caregiver offered by Phyllis Quinlan, PhD, RN-BC.

Blood Donors in Sweden Receive a Text Message Every Time They Save a Life – What a great way to motivate people to donate!

FDA approve device that helps blind ‘see with tongue’ – who saw that coming?

Skinny Jeans Put the Squeeze on Leg Nerves – YOu wonder how they bamboozled women into corsets etc. in the past, then you find something similar happening in front of your nose. I even saw an ad for a corset last night on TV! They described it as a wonderful new breakthrough…

Safe Child Car Seats & Proper Use – Most Parent’s Don’t! – Advice on buying a child car seat, and on how to use them properly. Apparently most parents don’t!

New Door Handle Kills Germs On Contact!

Mental Health Links: 

Cognitive behavioral therapy alters Tourette syndrome brains – Research showing the neurologic impact of experience fascinates me.

What Your Brain Does When You Can’t Stay Awake – They study what actually happens under the hood (Ok, in your brain) when you nod off briefly, then catch yourself & wake back up.

New Research Finds Link Between Suicide and Inflammation

New UCLA study may lead to more precise treatments for obsessive-compulsive disorder

Can the Bacteria in Your Gut Explain Your Mood? – These gut flora seem to have far more power and influence than we’d imagined!

Mental Health in Middle Age | A Journey with You

Fun Links: 

Saturday’s smiles | Homepaddock – Jokes galore! I blame my every other weekend work schedule for the day of the week confusion on this one…

Smart Dog Beats Toddler To The Punch And Says ‘Mama’ Before He Does – He talks!

Don’t Fall Into The Lake Texoma Intake Vortex  – Talk about a whirlpool!

Man Figures Out How To Make His Lawn Mow Itself – A remarkably simple and practical innovation!


  1. Hi Greg, I am glad you provide the list, it is so much of a convenience. You have a lot of interesting post about nurses. Greg, can I have some tips from you? My younger sister is also a nurse and as you know, nurses work on shifts. My sister has to take care of her two children on her own while at the same time struggling with her work. Her husband is working overseas. so you see, it is a hard time for her. I have been noticing she is losing weight and she looked tired most of the time. I do think she is developing mental stress. what is your advice for this type of situation?

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