Say Hi To Big Red Nurse Greg in VIDEO!!! (Much more vivid than text allows….)

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For those who don’t do the video thing, I offer the same, minus some of the subtle flavor found only in person or video, in text form:

“My favorite ball at the moment.  I bounce it basically everywhere I go. At work, I started telling this story about it to folks who haven’t yet seen the ball: So I found a planet just like earth, but one-third scale. Visiting, I met their tallest pro basketball player, about this *hand at about thigh level* high. He told me *in falsetto* , “Have a ball, man!” By now they all clearly wonder what the H is happening here. Has Greg lost his marbles? Then I smile and I show them the ball. Big laughs!”

Here’s an added point for the new nurses out there: the shirt I wear in this video is a guayabera, a traditional Cuban fashion I purchased once in Florida. I wore this to work today, as I often do: it’s a great look and it’s comfy too. Scrubs? Nah – I’m a psych nurse!

Every specialty has it pros and cons, right?

Serious time, folks.

I enjoy my work. I get lots of good things done, make a difference, and have fun, because I’ve insisted for years on learning how to do exactly those things. I changed jobs more than once to get where I am today.

Here’s my advice to you:

Make sure you’re happy at work, because on the one hand you have a long career ahead of you. If it’s barely tolerable now, you will not last. How could you? On the other hand, life is far, far too short to accept not enjoying your work! Don’t become one of those nurses who insists on plugging away at a crappy job, then burns out and falls by the wayside. Insist on success!

If your job is crap, find a way to fix it or move on. You’re worth it, yes? Accepting crappy work conditions DOES NOT HELP PATIENTS IN ANY WAY. It only enables those who abuse and neglect nurses and patients. Stop helping abusers! The sooner we all say no more crap, the sooner it all gets better. Suckers help no one except abusers. Who will YOU help?

Trust me, life is far better if you demand more of it. Demand less, and you’ll get exactly that: less. Sad, yes?

Choose well. No one will do it for you. Don’t aim to be a martyr. Be a hero instead: make the world better!

I goof around because it works for me, and for my patients. it works very well in fact. When serious is called for, I’m dead serious. I seek what works, what meets my goals. Your life and career will amount to exactly what you make of them and no more. When you’re old, will you feel pride or regret? It’s entirely up to you.

Get to it! Make your way and thrive!

The only person who can hold you back is you.

Don’t hold yourself back, and don’t let anyone else do so either.

You’re a nurse!


  1. Greg, thank you for your wonderful story and extremely important insight about the value of having fun with colleagues and patients at times. I think there is quite an art to this and it can be a way to show respect and compassion for others. I’m trying to think of a story I could share from my work with folks with dementia. And maybe a video share. This story about a couple of nurses’ assistants warms my heart. Kind of on the same topic I’d say.

    Sometimes, I think it is some of the most important stuff we do!

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