The Big Red Links #7 Monday : 18 New Stories!

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Adding More Daily!

Welcome to The Big Red Links! 

Links are nice. They’re better when you string them together into chains…

In addition to the eighteen stories shown below, each section header is also a button. It takes you to a permanent archive of all the links to date from that section.

I offer three archives, Nursing, Mental Health, and Art/Fun: one for each sections of The Big Red Links.

I eagerly invite you to:

1) Share everything you find here,

2) Comment here: otherwise I get lonely!

3) Submit material. Use The Big Red Links to share, advertise and publicize!  Contact me however you like: I list contact options at the bottom of the INTRO & Contact Info page.

Nursing Links: 

3 Pharmacology Tips to Help You Pass the NCLEX – The Nerdy Nurse

Incivility: Beyond the Nurse. Business culture comes from the top, for good and bad.

Google Reveals Health-Tracking Wristband

Anesthesiologist Trashes Sedated Patient — and it Ends Up Costing Her – Think of all the providers who will need to censor themselves in ways they never imagined!

Bumblebees: Making the Impossible Possible by Teresa Chinn MBE RN

The Evolution of Alternative Medicine – The Atlantic

Leaked NHS England study links nursing numbers and care quality – Sad that we needed a leak to this see this study. It’s a sign of a health care system transforming into a money system instead.

Hooray for Obamacare – What do you think?

Mental Health Links: 

A Common Vitamin Deficiency Linked to Depression in Women – Not a common cause, but worth knowing about.

Autistic Boy Gains Ability to Speak After Just 2 Days of Cannabis Oil Treatment – We badly need to see less politicking, and more research when it comes to marijuana. Research to date makes it quite clear that in terms of health risk and addiction risk, both tobacco and alcohol are more harmful than marijuana. We badly need to sift through the countless medicinal claims for this plant. So much promise!

Synchronised Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Effective for Major Depressive Disorder. I wonder how it compares to unsynchronized TMS, the kind we use now? The results of that kind haven’t been exactly overwhelming.

Social Anxiety Disorder Linked to Serotonin System Overactivity

From Mania to Memoir: One Man’s Journey

LGBTQ: Find Support: NAMI

Art/Fun Links: 

Creepy Human-Skin Helmets By Jyo John Mullor  – Perfect for the rider who wears a helmet but doesn’t like it. It almost looks like you’re not wearing one – almost….

Bicycle-Mounted Device Projects Signals On Cyclists’ Back – Finally, easy to use, highly visible turn signals for cyclists.

Cat Vs. Bear: Wild Bear Tries To Enter A House But Meets A Cat – The outcome surprised me!


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