Psychosurgeons Use Lasers to Burn Away Mental Illness | WIRED

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Psychosurgeons Use Lasers to Burn Away Mental Illness | WIRED.


  1. I have severe OCD and, while this surgery is intriguing, the fear of the surgery going horribly wrong (and all the different ways it could go wrong) is a strong deterrent.

    P.S. I must admit, following a patient pre-surgery and post-surgery would make for a great documentary.

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    1. It would. I have a healthy distrust for surgeons eager to try out new tricks. Womderful new treatments emerge this way, but they tend to trust their judgement far more than the available evidence allows. Unlike medicines, surgeons needn’t perform any controlled studies to assess risks and benefits, and they get paid far more to operate than to dither. It has to affect judgement, unless your surgeon is Vulcan.
      On the occasions I’ve seen controlled studies done, some established, ‘proven’ procedures showed no more benefit than placebo. It’s worth being cautious: you only get one brain, right? – Greg


    1. I’m always wary of surgeons, they’re so enthusiastic to act. Unlike medicines, there is no requirement they conduct controlled studies to establish adverse effects or benefit. They decide and act as they see fit, and they get paid FAR more when they act. In many cases, established proceedures have shown no benefit when finally but to the test in a placebp-controlled trial. They do great things, but not JUST great things – Greg


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