Wednesday’s Links: Mental Health, Nursing, Art/Fun

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We Got Links! (1)For those who missed the introduction to this project (please feel free to skip ahead to the links):

I worried about posting too much and overwhelming my poor subscribers.

But I have no plan to share less. I insist on sharing as much as possible. I love sharing!

What to do?

Here’s an idea: I’ll post the links I want to share, one post daily, and I’ll pit them on blog pages as well, one big bank of links to enjoy.

Well, one’s not enough, I need more: three actually.

I’ve put together three pages, actually. One for nursing links, one for mental health links, and one for art/fun links.

I plan to list all relevent links I find on these pages, and post once a day about new additions.

If you have any contributions to make, I heartily urge you to offer them. I’ll list them and credit you unless you tell me otherwise.

Mental Health Links:

No Longer Wanting to Die : A DBT success story.

The Last Day of Her Life : A woman with Alzheimer’s Disease decides when to die.

MassMen: Massachusetts Mental Health Resources for Men: This website offers anonymous screening tools, and contact information for support groups and emergency and other resources, tailored by zip code.

Nurse Links:

Mental Health May Depend on Creatures in the Gut – Scientific American (I wonder if they trick us into not washing our hands?)

Exercise May Have Benefits Beyond Fitness in Type 2 Diabetes.

Nurse supply in Canada declines for 1st time in 20 years

How to Create the Perfect Registered Nurse Resume  by the Nerdy Nurse, a solid source!

Is Fatigue the Core Reason Why Nurses Have Become Disempowered?  What do you think?

Art/Fun Links:

Sweet Little Old Lady Has Impressive Vocabulary of Profanity 

Steampunk Jewelry Made From Old Watch Parts By Lithuanian Artist | Bored Panda.

I need your feedback! Is this new project a positive change? Or not? Either way, I want to know, so I can offer you useful material, and continue to improve it.

I love your comments! Please, take a moment & share.

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