New Concept for the Big Red Carpet! Link Banks

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Adding More Daily!
                    Adding More Daily!

I worry about posting too much and overwhelming my poor subscribers.

But I have no plan of sharing less. I actually plan to share more, if possible. I love sharing!

What to do?

Here’s an idea: I’ll post the links I want to share, one post daily, and I’ll pit them on blog pages as well, one big bank of links to enjoy.

Well, one’s not enough, I need more: three actually.

I’ve put together three pages, actually. One for nursing links, one for mental health links, and one for art/fun links.

I plan to list all relevent links I find on these pages, and post once a day about new additions.

If you have any contributions to make, I heartily encourage you to offer them. I’ll list them and credit you unless you tellme otherwise.

Did I mention backlog? I have a ridiculous backlog of links I hoped to post someday, part of the reason for this project.

So today, i offer rather more than likely in future posts:

Mental health:

11 low-cost ways to combat stress | Society Professionals | The Guardian

Cyberbullying on Social Media Linked to Teen Depression

Calls for men to speak out about mental health | Granada – ITV News

VA report says yoga can help veterans with disorders | News

Beer vs. Coffee For Creativity: Beer Gives You The Space To Create An Idea, While Coffee Helps You Follow Through

New Injectable Device May Revolutionize Parkinson’s Disease Treatment: A Brief History Of Brain Probing

Constantly Sitting Down, Being Sedentary Could Worsen Anxiety And Mental Health

Mental Health Court Found Effective

Moodgym and E-coach Offer Free Online Mental Health Support

United Healthcare Community Plan Awards $600,000 for Mental Health Housing

Mental health and wounded warrior caregivers

Killing the Disabled

Parent’s Suicide Attempt Makes Child’s Much More Likely: Study.

Brains of Teens With Bipolar Disorder Develop Differently: Study.

You Are Not Your Diagnosis

Study addresses need for behavioral health patient care in the ED 

The Surprising Mental Benefit To Glancing At a Grassy Rooftop for 40 Seconds – PsyBlog.

@SoSadToday Reveals Herself – And Her Existential Beach Read | Rolling Stone.

How Sending the Mentally Ill to Jail Is a Cost to Us All | TakePart.

37 Secrets Only Successful People Know |

Meditation is an Effective Treatment for Depression, Anxiety and Pain – PsyBlog.

I Don’t Look Schizophrenic | Psychology Today.

Individuality May Be a Genetic Trait, Study Suggests | Quanta Magazine

Nine New Dementia Studies You Should Know – PsyBlog

As We Age, Keys to Remembering Where the Keys Are 


Assessing Nursing Satisfaction

Poor Sleep? Eating Less at Night May Make Next Day Easier.

The Evidence Points to a Better Way to Fight Insomnia 

Study examines healthcare struggles of homebound population | News

‘No Innocent Bystanders’ is Important Online Too!

Hospital staff needs grief care, too | The Columbus Dispatch.

The Common Painkiller That Also Kills Pleasure – PsyBlog.

5 Things You Must Know About Sun Protection – Consumer Reports.

What Is Rucking? | Men’s Health.

Unsafe Injections Put Patients in Peril – US News.

Lack of Exercise Can Disrupt the Body’s Rhythms 

The Totally Unexpected Effect of Stress On How You Feel Pain – PsyBlog.

Ancient Practice Can Heal Brains Damaged By Chronic Pain – PsyBlog.

Is nicotine all bad? | Reuters.

3 challenges as healthcare shifts to a retail industry – FierceHealthcare.

CDC calculates likely cause of death by state; Post-stenting risks vary nationwide; – FierceHealthcare.

Low-volume hospitals increase mortality risk – FierceHealthcare.

“A male nurse? So…what should I call you?”

Testing Hand-Grip Strength Could Be a Simple Way to Predict MI, Stroke Risk.

American Nurses Association urges Congress to prevent nurse injuries | The American Nurse

Short On Sleep? You Could Be A Disaster Waiting To Happen : Shots – Health News : NPR.

Your DNA Changes With the Seasons, Just Like the Weather | WIRED.

The ability to balance on one leg for 20 seconds is a sign of a healthy brain

More Consensus on Coffee’s Benefits Than You Might Think 

the NEW pulseless electrical activity. | theNursePath.

Action and Dysfunction in the U.S. Food-Safety Effort –

For Aging’s Effects, More ‘Solutions’ Than Proof of Success –

PTSD and disasters at work

Nurses Talk About the Real Reasons They Postpone Retirement.

Strong statin-diabetes link seen in large study of Tricare patients

How to Solve the E.R. Problem 

As We Age, Keys to Remembering Where the Keys Are 

Chondroitin Sulfate/Glucosamine Combination More Effective Than Celecoxib In Reducing Cartilage Degradation

Occupational Traumatic Injuries Among Workers in Health Care Facilities — United States, 2012–2014.

Benadryl For Allergies – Consumer Reports.

Blood Pressure: How Low Do You Really Need To Go?.

The Truth About Sleeping Pills – Consumer Reports.

The Next Shift: Special Nurses Week collection | News.

Paracetamol can dull positive and negative emotions, study finds 

9 Professional Ways to Boost Your Confidence as a Nurse 

Patient Voices – Bipolar Disorder – Interactive Feature –

High-Dose Oral Insulin Shows Potential for Preventing Type 1 Diabetes in High-Risk Children.

Teletriage Nursing and COPD


The Cutest Conversations I Heard Between Everyday’s Objects | Bored Panda.

Spider Rain: Real!

Sweet Little Old Lady Has Impressive Vocabulary of Profanity 

I Draw Illustrations On The Sky Between Buildings | Bored Panda.

Winged Insects Made From Old Computer Circuit Boards And Electronics | Bored Panda.

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