Let the Donor Beware: In Search Of The Red Cross’ $500 Million In Haiti Relief

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Trust? Donate? or No...
Trust? Donate? or No…

People often decline to give panhandlers money for fear they’ll misuse it.

We’d do well to be careful with ALL charity.

Giving is wonderful and important.

Unless it goes to actual good work, such giving also amounts to getting conned.

Due dilligence is just as important as the impulse to give, if results matter to you:

In Search Of The Red Cross’ $500 Million In Haiti Relief : NPR.


  1. This tends to be the problem when charities turn into businesses. It’s well worth while to find out before donating also what percentage of your money goes to actual projects and how much to “administration” it can be often as little as 10%! The bigger the organisation the worse these things tend to be.
    Does this mean we should get disillusioned? I hope not, but many folks are. Personally I like best to give direct to someone “on the ground” in the affected areas (I’ve done a lot of volunteer work so often have connections).
    Small local works tend to stretch your money best, They know what’s needed and where to get it etc.I know someone in Gaza for example who always asks donations for specific projects/families and sends her donors photos of the families with the goods or in the hospital etc. often with a sign saying thank you addressed to the specific donors. Of course this is only possible in small operations, but I think such feed back not only develops trust and encourages future giving but builds an empathy between victim and donor. Donors should be blessed with seeing the fruit of their giving..

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  2. It is truly amazing to me how generous people are. Someone’s neighbor complains she hanging too many lights, go fund me 28000. so far. there is lots of examples.
    I would like to start one for nurses for legal fund.

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