If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Nike’s Centre for Art and Culture, Lagos, Nigeria

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Lots of great work!

Cheeky Nibbles

Nike Centre for Art and Culture Nike Centre for Art & Culture

Nike should be sainted, I’ve said it.

First of all she has painstakingly gathered up a treasure trove of art from artists across Nigeria and Africa, each with their own distinct voice and medium. Calling it simply an ‘art gallery’ would be doing it a disservice as what Nike has created is more, a four-story onslaught of African art and culture.
This was the perfect place for us to go on our day-off from work in Nigeria. It allowed us to experience the country through the eyes of local artists who know the land best, most of which are women, all of which are highly skilled.

Just off to the right of Lekki Phase 1 roundabout, you wouldn’t think twice about rejecting the first exit and driving past the construction site. But if you take the exit, just a few doors down past the construction, is a beautiful

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