So Many Needs!

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I like this artist’s work and recommend you visit his site BORZUI.

This piece reminded of those days at work when EVERYONE needs something at once: patients, families, coworkers, strangers: a perfect storm of need. Quite an experience!

Do you ever experience that? What’s it like? How do you manage?


    1. Absolutely! I prioritize and set aside everything that can wait, focus on one item at a time as much as possible. The fewer tasks you juggle, the less time and energy you waste on all those task switches. You become so much more efficient that you can wade far more deeply into that crowd of needs. Nurses too often think, like other people, that worrying about something is the same as doing something about it. Worrying achieves nothing, it’s a distraction actually, and it uses up precious energy and mental space. Far better to focus on tasks: you offer a practical way to get there. Thanks! – Greg


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