Does Nursing Really Want More Teachers?

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Does Nursing Really

I’d be happy to teach nursing, like many nurses, but the time and expense make it hard to justify to my family. Even if the education involved were free, all that lost time IS an expense. It’s especially hard to justify losing  lots of money in order to reduce my income and job security. We have no pensions: personally, I’m nearing 50 and I can’t afford to throw away so much money for a cause. I’ve done adjunct teaching at multiple colleges over the years. It was fun! It involved greatly disrupting my regular work for jobs with little or no training that can disappear with little notice. Talk about a labor of love!

We hear about the nursing teacher shortage all the time. Lots and lots of talk, for many years now. The shortage is a rational response by nurses to low priority the nursing profession puts on teaching. All the words don’t pay bills. At present, it costs vastly more time and money to become a teacher than a practicing nurse, and it’s less lucrative. Nursing thus tacitly discourages nurses from teaching, then wrings its hands when too few sign up, as if it’s some sort of mystery. Nurses are problem solvers: we can get anything done when we set our minds to it. To date, nursing has decided not to get this job done. If nursing wants teachers, and employers want to head off a looming shortage, something must change and soon:

What do you think? What would make teaching an option you’d consider?


  1. I am a school nurse nearing retirement in the next 10 years, I would like to teach as a retirement job. Adjunct or on-line. I was fortunate enough to find a university that offers a PhD program at in state tuition and classes are geared toward working nurses, I am also fortunate that my employer does offer some tuition reimbursement. This is a big time commitment but I feel fortunate that I can make this work financially. I agree I couldn’t do this before retirement. I should have some good years left in me.

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    1. Many teach. I’ve taught, and I love doing it. Given no pensions, nurses tend to retire relatively late in life. It’s great how many nurses find a way to teach, but the numbers don’t add up. We still have students turned away for lack of teachers, and people like me teaching without the expected credentials. Good luck in your transition! – Greg


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