Sunlight Project: Postcards Update. Dangerously Corrupt AZ Nursing

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Sunlight Project- Post Cards
Sunlight Project- Post Cards

The postcards keep arriving. Each one surprises, honors, and humbles me. Some clearly distressed folks bother to send me – a total stranger – their stories, hand written and postage paid. Lots of secrets revealed. Wow.

Such a bizarre and outdated concept: an invitation to be your pen pal, nurses who feel oppressed and abused. Snail mail!

If I had high-tech Snowdon or Wiki-leak tools, I’d offer something far more use-friendly and cool and high-tech.


Alas, I  lack such tools, but I do think well outside any box I’ve ever met. Compared with anything on-line, snail mail is remarkably effective as a way to leave no trail back to the original sender. One physical object only, a piece of paper: there is no trace beyond that. Destroy the post card and poof! No trace to the sender persists: just the words, transcribed but anonymous. The trail ends Arizona   Google Searchwith me, not exactly a comfortable place to put myself but my choice. Nurse advocacy and progress require some risk , some innovation. I’m happy to offer both, such as I can.

I’ve so far received messages eloquent and credible, others frankly hard to understand. It would be nice for folks to send me exactly what I seek, but that’s not the game I’ve set up. I have absolutely no control over content: I get exactly what people send me, no more, no less. Among the posts that senders have permitted me to publish, there are twenty-four so far, mostly commenting on Azizona nursing. They add to the evidence I’ve gathered over the years about Arizona nursing. I see deep, pervasive corruption and abuse of staff nurses to help facilities HCMNEF model 5 1 15protect profits over patients. Corporations, managers, AZBON officials and the AZ ANA seem to collude in this effort to frighten and oppress nurses into submission.

Frankly, if I needed care in Arizona, I’d not think twice. I’d go somewhere else, anywhere else for care, and consider it well worth the effort. No place that punishes patient advocacy so severely can possibly give safe or ethical care in my humble opinion. As for working as a nurse in Arizona, the idea makes me laugh. Ridiculous! Why would I set myself up for such abuse, to work under such horrendous conditions? As for all the nurses who work there, I can only offer my sympathy and my advice to move out-of-state absolutely as soon as possible. You deserve better than Arizona, and Arizona does not deserve your services. It serves no purpose to prop up a corrupt system. Enabling abusers, thieves and bullies is no way to serve humanity; it only serves the abusers, thieves and bullies. Nurses can do far better, and owe it to themselves and humanity to demand better. Such corruption can only persist as long as nurses and patients continue to take part.

That all said, some quotes for your consideration.

First, two from an AZ attorney who works for the AZ Board of Nursing:

“Most of what I do is centered around bringing forward evidence which is presented to me by Board investigators. Its by far perfect which is frequently the main reason we always try to settle cases away from court and get agreements from the licensees. As far as the psychological evaluations, or psyche involvements, although brought forward by my department, they’re strictly determined or requested by the Board. In all honesty I have to admit this need for some kind of ‘atonement’ on cases that seem minor to me is not my call. Fortunately for me most licensees when they reach my level are pretty much already steam rolled and carrying out the AZBON requests doesn’t take the Wizard of Oz to remove a heart already trampled upon.”

The Attorney Generals office generally only gives the appearance of bringing forward evidence against a licensed person. I like this advantage point as I am not responsible for what those witnesses say. That is the appearance; although scrutiny may expose something else I have carte blanche and immunity from the real world. Its a wonderful job. I would add that moving into some other elected position would probably stir up every legitimate heckler from here to Bullhead City. So here I stay.” [I had suggested to her that she leave the Dark Side, so to speak]

Four recent post card excerpts:

“I am a crying towel for manipulative nurses, mgr, Yuma former BON AZ Pres.”

“Who: Tammy Ely. 1) Worked Rehab AZ, Bd complaint. 2) Worked Maricopa Med Center AZ, Stole Demerol, Morphine. 3) Hired Yuma AZ in Labor & Delivery, does not document her wastes. She is listed as BON-AZ witness, part of Yuma gang against one nurse. Verified AZBON website.”

“[Hospital] admin & AZ BON wrote complaint + sent to Colorado my home state – my nightmare began. BON AZ retaliates – touch one of their Drs! – $$$”

“…of course the Bds friend Mardy was CNO, and I was at the top of the pay scale! BON uses psych evals illegally.”

Corrupt and abusive nursing regulation directly attacks patient safety.

It substitutes its duty – protecting the public – with a crime: protecting employers’ ability to abuse and defraud nurses and patients.

I submit, nonlawyer that I am, that this situation represent a criminal conspiracy against the public interest, nurses, and patients.

In any case, it is a clear and present danger, a serious threat against all nurses, all patients.

It’s time we stood up for ourselves and demanded our rights in this matter.

Until we do so, more will suffer. More will die.

Keep sending your stories, folks. Please keep them coming.

I’m still figuring out how to best put this resource to best use, but it matters.

The truth always does.


  1. The last letter from az atty, “it is by far perfect” dont you mean IMPERFECT???
    If the investigation is so shuddy why even take the case, but instead try to sweep it under the rug quickly ?


  2. Wow the comments are quit fascinating. You are getting responses that are of the prediction, when the ship sinks the rats jump ship. Everyone is trying to clear their name , too late. Just like the poor nurse who allowed a Dr to do harm, as a part of this gang of thugs who take innocent nurses down , what did you do?


    1. My role as a nurse is rather unusual, esp my use of the MSN. I may prescribe someday; I’ve never found it especially interesting or fulfilling professionally. I focus on education and advocacy roles. I certainly wish you well in your struggle with such a corrupt foe. I’ve always had the luxury of a BON not, to my knowledge, owned by corrupt employers. It’s certainly a plus!

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  3. I guess this shows you how nurses are afraid to post on web sites. They will send it snail mail.
    Really appreciate you bringing some light to this subject. Socio media will bring the AZ BON down I can see it.

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  4. Good grief! My beloved late sister in- law was an ER nurse. You folks are the most important people on the planet! Doctors get all the glory, but the nurses are the ones who really take care of us. Keep up the great work you do!

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