Nurses & Others in Health Care: You’re Invited!

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Nurses and social media make for an unusually complicated mix.

As with other professionals, social media offers us nurses amazing opportunities to learn, network, organize, and have fun.

We all need to consider the professional and personal implications of everything we put out there. Anyone – it’s probably more prudent to assume EVERYONE – can see everything we post, and there’s no erase button. It’s forever. Scary!

Still, these are extremely valuable tools and social venues. We can’t keep up as a profession or as professionals without all the tools available. We can’t afford to live in the past, or in seclusion. Imagine driving a car, or riding a bike, or placing an IV. It’s complicated, awkward and scary at first, and potentially dangerous, but we don’t hide at home. We learn how to do it and we get out there and do it. Social media are no different. Skills and knowledge make a world of difference, and let you get out there and interact with nurses all over the planet.

Good news! It’s a workable challenge. Many nurses have thrived on social media for years now, blazing trails, learning the ropes, and leading the way. There’s much friendly, free help available. Honestly, you don’t have to know much to get started. I even did it!

The Nerdy Nurse is one of those trailblazers and helpers. She’s even made a career of it.

She’s helping organize a Twitter #HealthcareChat sponsored by Next Wave Connect.

It’s on Monday June 1, from 2pm to 3pm (Eastern).

You’ll find it more easily at

Here are some more details.

There’s one potential problem with this project. I’m one of the guest hosts! They even put my ugly mug on the flyer 😉


I hope to see you there! It will be fun.


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