Sometimes the answer you get isn’t the one you expected…

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Never let anyone restrict your options…

Rethinking Life

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  1. I strongly support this post if you also mean that gender is fluid. I’m an advocate of LGBTQ rights. (I also see how this post of yours relates to other mental illness issues that need to be taken seriously as part of one’s health. Health is both physical and mental.)

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    1. Thanks for your feedback! I have a much broader focus, but I always favor individual rights against such arbitrary oppression. When you let another person limit your options to satisfy their own hate and prejudice, even if only in terms of how you interpret reality or identify yourself, you give away power to them for nothing in return. You empower hate and oppression, and weaken yourself at the same time.

      Bad deal!

      To demand that anyone else accept such a raw deal is wrong. It’s tyranny!

      Good luck with your advocacy – Greg


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