Quotes From My Dumb Youth

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Big Red Nurse, 1985 or so
2012-01 Greg n Ryan Back in the day
Me to left, my brother Ryan to right















Ah, youth.
The teen years, the only time in your life when you know it all and you’re invincible.
Did I mention dumb?

My daughter in ten, and it got me thinking of my teen years… Yikes!

Some quotes from way back then…


“I was only driving 80…” I honestly thought I was making a reasonable point in defense of my driving judgement.
“It could happen.” A bunch of us started going to a movie every Friday night. We had such bad luck that we started a tradition of intentionally picking bad films. Lots of Rambo and such. After one Rambo flic, a friend said these words. It become the way to say in code that someone had just made a really dumb point. This guy used to dress up in black and run over police cars, literally run over them – he ran hurdles for the track team. Never got caught…
“Fun turns to tragedy.” Part of the sass guys gave bus drivers was mock reporting horrible accidents form the back of the bus. I’m not sure the drivers enjoyed it much.
“Freshman… yeah. That’s right.” I never, OK, rarely cut class, but assemblies were another matter. I had little tolerance for that. I’d sneak out and drive over to the local college Rec Center and play pool instead. A quarter a table!
“Here’s the problem… the lights bounce off the fog…” There’s such a fine line between stupid and clever – Spinal Tap got that one right. I was driving one night in a dense fog with some friends. REALLY dense fog: I could only see an edge of the road if I was on one, and it was barely wide enough for cars to pass each other. Everyone was tense, it seemed, except me. Did I mention dumb? On impulse I said, “I know what the problem is. The lights bounce off the fog. I can fix that -” and I turned off the headlights. Briefly, of course. Oh, the screams!


I survived, and I learned some things since those days.

At least my daughter isn’t a dumb boy.

Still, the teen years are coming fast… scary!

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