Beware! Many Probiotics Taken for Celiac Disease Contain GLUTEN

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Products sold specifically marketed to people with Celiac Disease contain the one ingredient most likely to WORSEN the illness, GLUTEN? Maybe companies think it will sell more product over time…


Many Probiotics Taken for Celiac Disease Contain Gluten


Perhaps we need to redirect some funds from the FDA to the New York Times…


  1. One late night show host sent his “man on the street” out on the street and instructed him to ask random people” are you on a gluten free diet?” And then ” what is gluten” You can imagine almost nobody knew!

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    1. As far as I can tell, for most people there’s no need to know. That may be why these companies get away with selling gluten this way: for many if not most of their customers, it may have no effect at all. We’ll see. I’ve seen so many diagnostic fads pass us by over the years, a core of reality and a cloud that disappates soon enough. I’ll wait and see.

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