It Was Just A Matter of TIme: Fake Diplomas, Fake College, Real Cash

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C/O The Billings Gazette
C/O The Billings Gazette

Axact is the company that created fake education for the masses (Links to details follow). It was just a matter of time, given the technology and ridiculously high tuitions today. If an online university can charge a student hundreds of thousands  of dollars for crappy prospects on graduation, what’s to stop someone from taking the next logical step? Nothing , it turns out, nothing at all. The future is already here, and it’s tuition for nothing but fiction. In Pakistan, folks with far more ambition and greed than honesty have built an extremely lucrative online network of schools offering complete fiction: the degrees, the classes, the professors, the buildings, the schools themselves, all fictional. Schools have long trended in this direction, offering progressively less per student dollar spent for decades now. At long last, now we’ve finally reached the culmination of this trend, the perfect for-profit school: big money for nothing real, absolutely nothing at all. Sadly, I imagine some “students” know what they’re in for and calculate cost and benefit, the same way this company calculates. How much will a slick fake degree improve my income, compared to the real or sort of real thing? How much “tuition” will I save? Can I get away with it? Given the massive debt real schools entail, will I be worse off with a scam education or better? Do employers pay enough attention to catch it?

Such questions! This is the place for-profit schools and easy credit have taken us. When real education costs as much a new house, when schools make lots of grand and empty promises to prospective students every day, the entire industry has come to involve scams, fraud, student abuse. Dare I mention “student athletes,” the only openly legal form of slavery in America?

These folks in Pakistan, in their ironically criminal way, are in a sense the most honest of all. They’re faking it, 100% pure, and I imagine they’ll scatter and run with their loot soon enough. They’re criminals, after all. Con artists. They’ll only pretend otherwise while the money is good, then they’ll move on.

Meanwhile the “real” education scams will continue and grow, out in the open, while we watch, shake our heads, and pay more than we can afford. Who does more harm, in the end? Who’s doing more to destroy the middle class dream, to impoverish the next generation and our future economy, to destroy the ideal of an educated electorate? Who’s more dangerous, in the big picture, more damaging? It’s worth some consideration.

Let the students and employers beware!

For the details, see Fake Diplomas, Real Cash: Pakistani Company Axact Reaps Millions

To see Axact’s Impressively Vast Collection of Fake Schools: Tracking Axact’s Websites 

Before you cut any checks for tuition, folks, at ANY school, take my advice. Find out what you’re really paying for!


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