New Nurses: Great Advice Not to Miss

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Fire up, new nurses!
Fire up, new nurses! (Click to see more of these fire pit sculptures)

I walked into my first nursing job overeducated, overexperienced, and lucky in terms of the job market. Job markets have gotten far tougher since then – LOTS of new grads lately! – and smart new nurses will/must adapt: the rest will suffer. Choose well, or you’ll pay heavily.

New nurses need to prepare and plan rather better than we used to do. It’s not rocket science: do you want a better job or a worse one? Do you want to move forward faster, or slower? Do you seek success, or excuses for failure?

If you’re smart, you’ll read this article:

Why You Need an Elevator Speech 

It’s not hard, UNLESS you do the clueless thing and start preparing the moment you meet someone who could make your professional dreams comes true. That’s what we call clueless. Cluelessness leads to failure. You don’t want that!

Are you clueless, or professional? In this situation, you have only those two options.

The difference lies entirely in your preparation and planning.

Get on it, new nurses. Succeed!

You’re worth it, I promise.

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