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I’ve heard from lots of nurses, with stories, support: I appreciate it all. It’s all too easy to feel alone in the desert on a blog, listening to the echos of your lone voice in the silence. It’s much better – MUCH better – to hear voices calling back. So again, thanks. It’s not easy to stand up for a cause that isn’t easy, with someone you don’t know. No, it’s not easy at all.

It’s been slow going as expected. The focus for now is on Yuma Regional Medical Center. I have limited information, of course, of unknown quality, but it’s consistent. In this day and age, people were willing to go to the trouble to send me snail mail about it. So few people bother with snail mail that politicians, I’m told, assume each hand written letter they receive represents a thousand more people with the same opinion. We’re not looking at a huge ratio like that in this case, but you see my point. People bought stationary and stamps and hand-wrote their stories, far more commitment than it takes to click a “Like” or “Share,” or to “Sign” an e-petition.

Why bother with snail mail? It wasn’t to prove commitment, although it did that. It was for privacy: nurses who were too afraid of retaliation to go on-line, where privacy seems near death if not already there. Snail mail leaves no trace, except for the physical paper.

As for the paper, I wrote this post to answer that very question: what happens to the paper? On the page where a gather all these reports, Sunlight Project: Post Cards, I promised to burn them. A bit dramatic, perhaps, but I want it to be clear that the only traces are the words I quoted, and ash. It leaves me with no proof I ever got them, but I’ll have to live with that risk. I gave my word, after all.

That all said, here’s a quick video, self-explanatory I think:


  1. Whilst it is a commendable gesture on your part Greg (to keep your promise to burn the postcards – no evidence of handwriting, date, region/area et al), I hope you’ve kept a detailed catalogue of the issues at hand (not necessarily the details of the writer). How else can you recall the details of the grievances and the proof of said grievances? Just wondering.
    It is reassuring to know that you’re not alone as you say and kudos to you for taking on this monumental task.

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    1. You can’t fit many words on a postcard – I publish all of them. I’d prefer more details and identities, of course, but the postcard angle might shake loose information not forthcoming otherwise. Plus, I’m not in the business of law enforcement: I have no plan to become an amateur investigator and prove or disprove allegations far from home. I’m looking for patterns, and attracting attention to those patterns. I appreciate your interest, effort, and support 🙂 – Greg


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