Nurse Abuse at Yuma Regional Medical Center: Update

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HCMNEF model 5 1 15I sent an email to YRMC two weeks ago, not expected much to come of it:

“I’ve received multiple reports from nurses who say they were abused in various ways, often fraudulent, by YRMC. I’m concerned that such an environment endangers patient lives. I publish advice for patients and nurses, and seek your input as to why I should defer from advising both groups to avoid your facility if at all possible. I’m eager to sort this situation out to the benefit of all involved, and look forward to learning more. Thank you.”

I actually heard back from someone named Elizabeth Dammeyer ( :

“Hi Mr. Mercer,

Thank you for your email.  I have forwarded your message to Teri Norris, YRMC’s Human Resources Director.   Please contact her at your convenience.

Teri Norris


Thank you,



Sadly, on first glance I ignored this email from a total stranger as probable spam. Happily, I finally opened it . Of course, I had to respond! I eagerly await Teri Norris’ response to the email I sent today:

“Hello Teri,

Elizabeth Dammeyer refered me to you. I have a few years of experience investigating corruption and abuse in Arizona nursing, and have received a surprising amount of mail indicating that your facility offers excellent examples of both. Before I contact the relevant press and politicians, or instruct interested nurses and nursing organizations to take action on these allegations, I would like to learn more from you as to how you manage nurses at YRMC.
If interested, please reply with a time to speak that would be convenient to you. I look forward to your response. Thanks for your time and consideration,
Greg Mercer, MSN
In the interest of fairness: I’ve put together what little research my busy schedule has allowed me so far regarding YRMC. You can find it posted on .
I imagine more will follow, depending on what new information comes to my attention.”

As to the research I mentioned above, here are the results so far:

Google lists 18 reviews. Interestingly, the average of 2.8 out of 5 stars reflects mostly ones and fives. A typical one star, ‘worst place ever never go there’ reviewer says : “You would get better care from the Undertaker.” Some five star ‘heaven on earth’ reviews read like advertizing copy. For example, Dustin Alexander-Pérez reports he was treated at YRMC while visiting from Wisconsin. He works in news and media. He wrote that “Yuma Regional Medical Center provided some of the best care I’ve ever received from any hospital. They are adding new facilities and more staff to accommodate the growing population in the metro area…” See what I mean? Maybe he always talks like that. Maybe…

US News & World Report Health rates the various forms of specialty care available at YRMC between 26 to 47 on a 100 point scale. Urology scores best, Orthopedics worst.

US News also rates each specialty service at YRMC for odds of patient survival. I prefer survival , myself…

One specialty has “better than expected” odd of patient survival: Urology.

Two specialities have “expected” odds: Nephrology and Neurology & Neurosurgery.

Four have  “worse than expected” odds: Geriatrics, Nephrology, Orthoepedics, and Pulmonology.

One  has “much worse than expected”: Gastroenterology & GI surgery.

Glassdoor  lists 10 employee reviews, averaging 3.2 out of 5 stars overall. Five of the ten reviewers recommend working there, although one of the five describes an ER “lacking in resources,” another reports high staff turnover, and another that “It is hard to accumulate time off.” Comments from negative reviewers include that management “lie[s] on stats,” “high turnover within the last five years,” “incompetent management,” “too much nepotism,” “autocratic style of leadership,” and “the atmosphere is very tense and stressful, employees don’t know if their jobs are going to be eliminated, leadership only tell us half-truths, people do not trust leadership especially our ceo, he is an accountant by trade all he cares is about numbers not people, the feeling there in the hospital is, including a lot of nurses and techs is that we have become just a number that can be erased at any time…”

Yelp lists four reviews: two five-star reviews, and two one star. One of the five star reviewers, says “It’s kind of sad that this hospital is really short-staffed! … When we need a nurse, sometimes they’re fast, but most of the time it takes a while because they’re attending other patients. Nurses seem like they’re always running around… I’ve stayed at the hospital for several of days (very long hours) and have yet to see any of his four doctors. I would get mad at first, but I have a feeling they’re being stretched thin too! I’m not sure if it’s the economy or just poor management decisions, but the staff definitely need more help! ” Other comments include “Worst place to get treated so unprofessional and really short-staffed!! I advise you take a trip to San Diego because you will leave very unsatisfied here in Yuma Urgent Cares,” and ” What I am really giving 1 star to – and I would give less if I could – is the radiology dept at YRMC…  I would hate to be the patient that didn’t advocate for themselves or have an advocate.  Doubt it will change anything – because your treatment options here are limited – but I hope someone at the hospital will care enough to take a look at their problem.” rates complication and/or mortality rates within 30 days of discharge for treatment of 32 health conditions at YRMC.

Better than expected (five of five stars): mortality rates for heart attacks, GI bleeds, and pancreatitis in hospital. A month after discharge, better than expected results persist only for pancreatitis.

Worse than expected (one of five stars) for : coronary interventions, heart failure, pacemaker placement, prostate surgery, and pneumonia.

On ProPublica, two ER patients rate YRMC, both one of five stars. Consumer Reports rates YRMC worse than average for avoiding death of its medical patients, average for its surgical patients. Healthgrove reports worse than average 30 day mortality rates at YRMC. They also report patient survey results from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS):

Average nurse communication with patients  (below average medication education),

Below average: staff responsiveness, pain management, discharge planning & education, and doctor communication with patients.

Well below average: hospital cleanliness.


I left out a decisive strength that YRMC mentions on it’s website: it is “… the only full-service acute care hospital between Phoenix and San Diego…” Great.


I’ll keep you good folks posted, and appreciate anything you have to offer: comments, stories, information, advice…









  1. yuma regional medical center (purposely spelled out in all small letters) is a horrible hospital especially for nurses. If you don’t know spanish they will berate you and demean you, and purposely speak spanish in your presence in order to intimidate you. The doctors talk to nurses as if they are idiots, and unlicensed assistive personnel talk down to nurses to make themselves feel superior. Sitters who are paid to stay in the room with the patient leave the room and the patient alone, compromising patient safety. Women from mexico who feel labor pains run like hell to yuma where they know they can manipulate the system so that the united states is forced to pay for their offspring. (Donald Trump for president to put an end to this BS!). I also found a giant cockroach in the bathroom.


  2. Wow you really did extensive research and amazing results. I guess it’s like the old saying goes
    You can fool some of the people some of the time……………………………………….

    Great Job Greg. I like the comment, “maybe he always talks like that” absolutely so funny I almost choked! You nailed it on this one. !

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Applauding you for your action Greg! The list is shocking and I hope your notification gets some due results and more importantly, all the patients between Phoenix and Arizona, who appear to have limited choices as to where they go for treatment, will receive due care and consideration. All the best!

    Liked by 1 person

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