The Best and Worst States for Nurses – My Take on Arizona

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Arizona   Google SearchThanks to FierceHealthcare for offering a summary of  The best and worst states for nurses, published in 2014.

FHC inspired me to look at the original article on WalletHub.

Why would I do such a thing? Two reasons. First, WalletHub has published its 2015 results. Second, FHC listed Arizona as the fourth best state in America for nurses. It struck me as an implausible result, in light of all the horror stories and corruption I’ve found there in recent years. I’ve long advised all nurses against working in Arizona, an unsafe and corrupt place to practice. It made me wonder, so I dug a little.

WalletHub rank states on a fifteen point scale:

1) Opportunity & Competition, weighted ten points, looks at economic factors: nurses wages, nurses per capita, educational options, job openings, local population demographics, etc.

2) Work Environment, weighted only five points. It ranks working conditions based on five measures: mandatory overtime rules (full weight), and four measures given half weight: share of the nation’s best nursing homes, rank on Walllethub’s “Best & Worst States for Working Moms“, average hours worked, and average commute.

Arizona ranks 14th of 50 states overall: 6th for economic factors, and 39th in the nation for working conditions.

In other words, Arizona seems a relatively crappy place to work, based of course on a crude system, but it matches other sources. On the other hand, the economics are good. I imagine they MUST be good, or Arizona wouldn’t be able to hire enough nurses.

We celebrate Florence Nightingale’s birthday today: May 5th.

Nightingale is renowned as a nursing leader and caregiver, but she was also an extremely effective statistician. She gathered data that overcame much of the resistance in the British Empire to her radical ideas. I lack the time or expertise to follow her example any better than I have, but I do try. My recommendation stands: I advise nurses not to work in Arizona. Based on corruption and other factors inhibiting nurses from protecting patients from errors or abuse, I also recommend against being a patient there. Vote with your feet, both groups, if possible.



      1. You can well imagine the gap between training at MGH and coming out to view how Az has trashed nursing. All roads to hell are paved with good intentions.


  1. The grade states on commute, wages, job openings, none of those make a hill of beans without a license! So if you value your career , your livelyhood, your license you will not even think of working in Arizona. Dont think it will happen to you is also the biggest mistake nurses say to themselves. The latest corruption is the Arizona Nurses Association. The editor of the newspaper is Shawn Harrell, Imagine that . The only group that is suppose to do anything for nurses and is being run by a BON member.
    Also a nurse who went before the board recently was told that a psych eval has to be done by BOARD approved, when asked why , the answer was because the BD wants to make sure that they will bill your insurance!! Imagine the BON watching out for the nurses pocket book . When the real reason is , they make sure that the psych will bill your insurance, in order to do that they MUST put in a diagnosis. Now not all people going for counseling, or psych eval NEED a diagnosis. But THAT is what the BON wants. There are psychs who do not accept insurance because of the very reason they are forced to label you with a diagnosis when you might not have one. SO if you have a degree qualified by the Board of Medical providers, you are not what the AZ BON is looking for . You want on their list , you do as they want , legal or not. Oh as the onion unravels !

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