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  1. I just received a copy of the Az Nurses Association, and that angered me. A picture of a nurse who died Mardy Taylor, labeled , NURSING LEADER. All she did was work with the BON , sending nurses she wanted to get rid of , that were top of the pay scale to the BD to ‘ do away with” . Hired ax nurses , To them this is a LEADER? sorry mardy, RIP, I dont want the rest of the ‘nursing leaders ‘ to think that anyone is going to think anything highly of them when the reputation is there, it should not improve with death.
    Psych evals come in handy when there is not a Nurse Practice Act Violation. While the Az Nurses association allowed the BON to pass a law , that nurses/cnas that are ordered psych evals will receive unprofessional conduct if they refuse. And of course the psych has to be on the boards list. (read between the lines) Then read further a flowery rendition of “legislature day ” by Selina Bliss. Who mentions AZ Nurse ex director . Robin Schaeffer, who received a letter from Carol Schaeffer, for help when YRMC fired her after 34 years. Did Robin even answer? sadly , no. Now Selina worked with Carol at the same hospital Carol was a nurse when Selina was in grade school, Selina was going to talk for Carol in a meeting but did not to save herself.
    Then the AZ BON own psych nurse M Shawn Harrell has article written on mortage interest rates!
    Hardly a resource person for that, or psychology for that matter. And to top it off they have a number of articles on ETHICS. Do they know how unethical the arizona state board of nursing is? Do they just think it wont happen to them . Or when a psych eval is ordered because of a foley catheter, that is NORMAL? The board was going broke paying $1400. a crack. But the old trick, make her look crazy, dunk her in water, hysterical, crazy, dazed look. We’ve looked at other Boards , psych evals are RARELY ordered. But when no Nurse Practice act violation, they can fit it under , POTENTAL to be mentally unfit. …….. This az nurse flyer has a bunch of nurses who think the number of initials makes them important, haha the board doesnt look at that .
    Self proclaimed , Nursing leaders, and they are speaking on “A nurses ethical obligation”?
    I guess this comment goes under jokes. Because that is all it is , one big joke.

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