V – Violence in Health Care

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This article is a good read on an important issue. Keep in mind, also, that American nurses also experience one-third the violence that police do, per year, over much longer careers for lack of any pension, and basically no right to self-defense, no community recognition, and little if any administrative support.

S.D. Gates

Greenwich Hospital

It’s a little known fact, that as a group health care workers experience more non-fatal violence in the workplace than any other industry.  Statistics indicate the highest incidence of violence is against nurses, mental health worker and security staff. These non-fatal assaults include hitting, punching, biting and having things thrown at them, but occasionally can be as devastatingly extreme as shootings and rape.  Non-fatal assaults in health care account for 70% of all violent assaults across all industries.

Now, in my mind hospitals should be really safe place, with hushed halls and people who speak in low, soothing tones and the swishing of crisp uniforms going through the halls.  Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore.  I have experienced it.  I have had things thrown at me by patients and their families (and one time by an Obstetrician – that’s another story).  I have been kicked and bitten. I have…

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  1. You are absolutely right , NO community recognition. Five nurses in Georgia killed on their way to clinicals. One policeman killed 30k from all over the country sent to funeral.
    Nurses are suppose to “take it” .

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    1. Nurses have roughly one third to one half the risk of violent workplace death that cops do, per year. We work far more years, for lack of a pension. Hence our lifetime risk may well exceed that of cops. And our deaths are neither reported nor addressed. Same for violent injuries. We need to make both events far too expensive and embarassing to ignore any longer.


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