The Avengers: Age of Oldtron

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This post looks like a movie review, but it’s much more. Try it and let me know what you think!


1funny261When last we saw our superheroes they’d saved the Earth again.
What’s an appropriate Thank You gift for saving a whole planet?
Some flowers?
A massage, after all, most action movies have a happy ending.
Maybe just a nice bottle of wine.

Yet they’ve never come across a menace such as this…
My eyes scanned the parking lot. Left, right, rear mirror, we were surrounded.
Nothing on the news to warn us, no mention of unusual phenomena, no word of any outbreaks and yet…there they were.
I stopped the car to let them shuffle past. I remained still, barely breathing, but some small movement, maybe a twitch, or release of breath alerted them to my presence. There was no escape!
Oh where, oh where were The Avengers now?
Watery eyes narrowed as one sort of focused on me and muttered loudly about young whippersnappers.
My terror fled, I smiled, did…

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