The Baltimore Police Department shows it true colors

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Nurses are professionally required to address injustice in the community. How should we respond to Baltimore? Ignoring it is exactly equivalent to approving it.

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Freddie Gray was clearly not a one-off. Kira Lerner reports at ThinkProgress:

In Baltimore’s Central Booking, protesters and rioters are being withheld food for up to 18 hours, denied medical attention and detained for extended periods of time with up to 20 people in small cells intended to hold many less, two Baltimore public defenders told ThinkProgress.

Deputy District Public Defender Natalie Finegar said she spoke with her clients Wednesday night as they were being released from detention. Many spoke about the inhumane conditions and overcrowding and questioned why they were being held unlawfully.

“One [story] I heard described was that folks went 18 hours without food at one point and that when they were given food, it was a series of slices of bread with a small slice of cheese,” Finegar said.

The facility is facing a higher arrest rate than it’s capable of handling due to the…

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  1. What causes such fear in the policemen that they over-react in these situations? Beside the fact that many of them were prejudiced and bullied before they became policemen, That does not answer for the entire force. Not for, just socially curious.

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    1. The lack of accountability must make a difference. You take a stressful, dangerous job and take away accountability, people learn that overreacting is OK. Nurses experience much stress, violence, and danger, but we also have strict accountability. If I as much as hit a patient, I’m finished. – Greg

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