Nurse Power Tee Shirts!

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HCMNEF Red CollegeI like tee shirts that send a message, and I like writing.

So why not offer tee shirts?

I’m now working with CafePress to offer tee shirts with inspirational, supportive messages about nurses and nursing. I’ve opened a Big Red Carpet Nursing Store there. So far I have one product line to offer, with the message “Health Care Minus Nurses Equals Fiction!

Any comments or ideas would be much appreciated!


  1. The last time that I was in hospital I told the nurses that they were the angels of the hospitals. I really mean it and they they liked it. A tee shirt supporting nurses I think that is a great idea. You should propose them to hospitals so that they can be sold in their shops. They should take the idea especially if part of your earnings would be used to help young people to become nurses.

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