Nurses: Share Your Funnies

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wpid-20150313_180538.jpgI’m inspired by a post on All Nurses to ask all you nurses out there a question.

Nursing work runs the gamut: wonderful, satisfying, frustrating, overwhelming, infuriating, and fun. It’s a wild ride, isn’t it? We tend to hear about the dark side of things more than the light, and we nurses need all the morale-boosting we can get.

Help me out, nurses. Help each other out.

No heavy lifting, folks. Just send me a funny story from work. Please don’t jump the rails on me: no HIPAA violations, no shaming patients, OK? We can do better than that.

No Joke!
No Joke!

Here’s one that comes to mind. A patient kept telling me, every time he saw me, that “Gillette’s gone on strike.” Gillette is a local company, prominent in the local news, so I assumed he was talking about that, and not based on reality as far as I could tell. With some people you expect delusions. After a few days, I finally figured out the real meaning, which he readily confirmed.

He was talking about my beard.

It was no delusion after all! Just an unusual but clever play on words.

Live and learn!


  1. Well, I’ve been trying for several minutes now, and can’t figure out how to add jpg files . . . Any suggestions, Greg?


  2. I wish I knew how to draw cartoons (that is to say, one-box pictures with a killer of a line underneath); I’d LOVE to do cartoons about nursing. We’ve all got pithy comments in us we’re dying to make . . .

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    1. Me too. There’s a huge need for nursing comics with a sense of humor. The ones out there are usually offer a complaint, not a joke. It’s as if you took Dilbert and had them say “My boss is clueless.” Not funny – Greg


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