Yuma Regional Medical Center: Red Flags Abound

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Yuma Regional Medical Center   Contact Yuma Regional Medical Center
                           Lots of Smoke…

Increasingly, post cards have piled up in my mailbox. See  Post Cards – Sunlight Project, Step One to read what nurses have offered so far. The momentum is building!

Most of the responses so far have involved one hospital, Yuma Regional Medical Center in Arizona. Given my longstanding suspicion of deep and pervasive health care corruption in Arizona, such a result is interesting indeed. I have a day off, so I’ll be contacting YMRC to hear their side of the story, if they feel inclined to offer one. To round things out, I’ll also contact Arizona’s Governor and the Arizona Board of Nursing. In the spirit of transparent citizenship, I’ll post all of this outreach and any responses.

If you want to ask them about it yourself, feel free to contact them.

In fact, I ask you to do so, good reader! Accountability comes from public demands for nothing less. You can contribute, perhaps, to the cleansing of corruption! You might even save lives that way – health care corruption kills, you know.

Sunlight exposes the predators who thrive in the shadows. It brings them to account. Sunlight brings justice.

Sounds good to me!

Let’s sort this situation out together: shine a little healthy sunlight!

Please help…


    1. Cooperation from any official in Arizona is not to be expected. Gandhi met with officials all the time, with the same expectations. There are many uses for a meeting; not all involve cooperation. I’m no Gandhi of course, but I do learn from others from time to time, and I’m willing to take longshots too.


  1. The idea that YRMC is the only care center in Az that nurses report as being nightmarish is narrow thinking. There are many horror shows in Az for nurses that can end your career. Having interviewed many nurses that have been disciplined by the AZBON i feel like I’m talking to some real victims of real corruption. Believing each case represents the full measure of accuracy would be ignorant but coming across so many similar discrepancies over issues of such minor, non nursing actions its clear the AZBON is cheating the public and setting nursing back 100yrs.


  2. SO glad you posted the web sight, where they talk about the new restaurant style menu, and then at the bottom , “a not for profit welcoming caring and compassionate enviroment for patients and their families. ” This was not the experience that was found , in fact the complete opposite.

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