Thanks for the Creative Blogger Award!

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Here are the rules that go with the Creative Blogger Award:

1) Thank and leave a link to the blog that nominated you:

Thanks to Scars, Tears, and Training Bras for this kind nomination!

2) Share 5 facts about yourself

  1. I’m a natural-born rabble-rouser.
  2. I read a lot. I just finished The Circle.
  3. I’m a psych nurse, so work is rarely boring.
  4. I’m a giant fan of Bob’s Burgers.
  5. I skipped out of high school for a year straight, thus missing every single school assembly, to play pool at the local college instead. 25 cents a table!

3) Nominate 10 blogs and link them in your post:

At Least I Have a Brain

Motivating Giraffe

The Primitive Entertainment Workshop

Chasing the Wild Goose

Sharon Jheeta

Dhana’s art gallery

Madness as Mantra

PuDDy MuDDle

Misadventure of Max & Missy


4) Notify all nominees through their social media/blog – done!

5) Pass the rules along – done!

Enjoy your new prestige and fame, such as it is, good bloggers!

Thanks again to Scars, Tears, and Training Bras !

I must admit, I never saw THAT sentence in my future 🙂 !


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