Let’s Have a Talk with Yuma Regional Medical Center

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uncle sam wants you   Google SearchIn light of information received to date, I have sent the following message to Yuma Regional Medical Center:

“I’ve received multiple reports from nurses who say they have been abused by YRMC in various ways, some fraudulent. I’m concerned that such an environment endangers patient lives. I publish advice for patients and nurses, and seek your input as to why I should defer from advising both groups to avoid your facility if at all possible. I’m eager to sort this situation out to the benefit of all involved, and look forward to learning more. Thank you.”

I suggest that anyone else interested in patient and nurse safety do the same. Ask YRMC what they have to say for themselves. Accountability to the public is best served when the public demands it.

It’s possible that all is well at YRMC, that a large and growing group of people have conspired to send me postcards to make trouble, or some such, right? Anything is possible. Help me figure it out, get at the truth, give this public institution more reason to fly right and do its best for the public.

Laying on your back, passively accepting whatever institutions give you passively, is the exact opposite of making things better. In fact, it amounts to doing everything in your power to PREVENT things getting better.

Which path sounds better to you?

How will you act on what you see?

You’ll live with the result, whatever it turns out to be. Life’s like that. You can do whatever you want – total freedom – EXCEPT for the consequences. Life deals those to you, regardless of your wishes.

Choose well.

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