Sunlight Project Expands! Tell me Cop Stories

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Warning For Police Brutality clip art Free vector in Open office drawing svg   .svg   format format for free download 65.86KBThe Sunlight Project is all about giving vulnerable victims of injustice a safe voice. It’s about leveling the playing field, and making powerful people vulnerable to accountability.

I started out with a focus on nurses and patients, but stories about police killings keep coming in. These stories sicken me, frankly. As a concerned American citizen, I’ve decided to expand Sunlight to include all victims of police abuse of any kind.

To take part, send me a letter or post card to tell me about any police officer who has been abusive in any way. Why snail mail? Unlike internet messages, snail mail remains untraceable. As with nurses, I will destroy your complaint and thus any evidence involved, and post it, making it impossible for any authorities to determine your identity. Anonymity offers problems, of course, but also benefits. I’ll take the heat. In light of the stakes involved,  it seems the least I could do.

Let’s help each other out, citizens of America. Without accountability to the rule of law, there is no such thing as law enforcement.  There is only force, abuse, and murder.

Send me your stories, people! I’ll take the heat, and I’ll tell your story for all time. A permanent part of the public record…

Fair enough?

I love your comments! Please, take a moment & share.

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