Breakthrough: A**hole A**ay

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Wouldn’t this test be a tremendous breakthrough?  Except for psych nurses. We see it coming a mile away, and, often enough, find a more useful explanation and a way to get along:

New Blood Test Measures Serum A**hole Levels


  1. Today is the funeral for nursing students in Georgia, 5 killed 2 with serious injuries. How many people here know about this? How many nursing schools sent a representative to the funeral, how many nursing schools held a candle light vigil in their state. Their are two comments on this article.
    IF this were a police man or a fire man their would be police escort , flags half mast all over the country, the president would give a brief talk, a memorial would be built.
    How many are aware of the 5 nurses who were trapped in a car , going out for a pre wedding party, and burned to dealth in Californa last year? A few years ago nurse in northern california hit by a patient, died two days later, from subderal hematoma.
    When a nurse saves a life , does the mayor call her to receive a medal?
    Treat yourself to something nice , you deserve it.

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