Nurses Raise Their Voices: Post Cards – Sunlight Project, Step One

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Sunlight Project- Post CardsA first step on a journey, however small, however tentative, remains a step.

Thinking and planning are important of course, but they don’t get you anywhere on the journey.

Only steps take you there, and the first step, especially so.

The Sunlight Project is all about giving nurses a voice, safe from retaliation.

Until now, it has been an idea, a plan, an aspiration.

The time has come for a first step time, I think.


TIme to decide between fiction and nonfiction for Sunlight, between lie and truth.

I choose truth.

With this post I introduce a new Page of this blog: Post Cards – Sunlight Project, Step One

Check it out, and tell me what you think.


  1. What? You can’t take action WITHOUT a plan. There’s always a plan.

    Personally, I love to plan as many details as possible before execution because it makes the execution itself less stressful. With planning, there is time to think and anticipate things that might to wrong and potential backup plans.

    I think maybe you’re confusing legitimate planning with procrastination.

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    1. You make a strong point. It can be hard to say which is which sometimes. In this case, I’m using early experience to gather data to help me plan. Thinking alone wasn’t sufficient, as I’m creating something new. Dies that make sense? -Greg


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