Sunlight Project: a Question For all Nurses

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GC Myers Majesty  sm
GC Myers Majesty sm

I’ve recently been trying to attract interest in nursing reform: improving our lot and better protect our patients. I call it the Sunlight Project, because I’ve focused on finding ways to give vulnerable nurses a voice and expose corruption without any undue risk of retaliation.

It’s been a learning process, but I had no illusions of quick or easy victory. I’ve attracted less interest than I’d like, but more than I expected. Nurses have every reason to feel cynical or distrustful towards some total stranger asking for trust and participation.

One of the tactics I’ve tried was to take on all the risk myself. In Send Me a Postcard, I went out on a limb and offered to tell their story if they told it to me, via untraceable snail mail. I’d burn the card. Talk about no trail! It seemed a cheap version of WikiLeaks, without the high-tech or Government secrets.

That was the idea. Aren’t ideas always a least a bit different from reality? Now I have two cards, both about nurses, which wasn’t included in my plan, vague as it was. I don’t like the idea of nurses trashing nurses in public, but I also don’t like asking people to take a chance on me, then back out.

Nurses out there, I need your wisdom.

What would YOU do?


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  1. An interesting approach for protecting people who share their concerns, Greg. And thus far it seems that for some, the most pressing issues are not what you originally thought they would be. This is such a fascinating opportunity to hear the range of issues nurses find to be the most important first, and plan the next steps based on what you learn.

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  2. I would post the comments , as nurses bully other nurses
    once they are recognized for what they do, they just may decide hey , I need to watch it.
    Expose them, they need a wake up call.
    thank you. !

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  3. Greg, I’m wondering if a big push during nurses week would give you more stories. Can we help on instagram/twitter as well by sharing?
    I have my own story to share — with a question — my bully was another administrator. Are you interested in those stories as well?

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    1. Yes i will – push during Nurses week. Yes you can – spreading the word any way you can is fantastic. And yes I am – interested in such stroies. My only hard limit is that I won’t address issues in Massachusetts, as the regulatory tangles are just too risky. 49 other states is plenty!


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