Pay to skip the ER line? Cash Trumps Triage?

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Your money or your life? It was criminal, once...
Your money or your life?
It was criminal, once…

Read about it here: Local ED to Offer Six Flags-Inspired “Flash Passes” to Skip Long Lines 

Will profit finally trump clinical priority, openly and completely?
What’s next: replace triage with an auctioneer? Bidding wars among the dying? Separate entrances?

“… we are not discriminating speed of care based on a patient’s financial ability to pay for our coveted Flash Passes. Patients who desire expedited medical care will have a wide variety of exchange methods to choose from if purchasing a FlashPass monetarily is not feasible. For example, revocation of call button privileges, signing a non-liability waiver, taking a janitorial or dish cleaning shift, and BYOME [bring your own medical equipment] are all being considered as possible means to obtain a FlashPass.”


Fortunately, this piece comes from, “Earth’s Finest Medical Satire News Site,” akin to The Onion.


It it WERE real, how surprising would it be, really?  How unusual?

What if we replaced “FlashPass” with better, pricier insurance, say? Or any at all?



  1. I’m so glad you disclosed the satire source, because, in truth, some of those crazy scenarios could happen if we stay on our current health care trajectory – and all the supporting elements align together. I do appreciate the satirical humor, like “the revocation of call button privileges.” 🙂

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