Exceptional Nurse: Missing a limb, but not a heart!

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Exceptional Nurses:  Missing a limb but not a heart...
Exceptional Nurses: Missing a limb but not a heart…

Nurses do countless wonderful things every day: it’s part of our routine, our mission, our professional DNA.

One such thing we do is to lead by example.  Given our position of public trust, we offer value force multipliers to many causes with our lives and work each day.

For folks missing a limb, those living with some other sort of unusual circumstance, and those of us who need to learn more about what such people can accomplish, these nurses lead by example. My hat’s off to them!

For more such examples, see:

Exceptional Nurse: Missing a limb, but not a heart!.


Often, the most significant burden a person faces has nothing to do with whatever condition they experience. The worst part of the experience is the stigma others offer, the limitations, stereotypes, interference and false pity they add to the mix. My personal and professional focus is on mental health. Such folks can hide their problems as they see fit. I can only imagine the experience when such invisibility is much less of an option.

Let’s do better for each other, folks. Let’s do better.


  1. “given our position of public trust ” once the group that grades the professions finds out what the cult that hold licenses that run the BON in AZ are doing , That do not have to have ANY bediside nursing , be actively working OR take any kind of continuing education. Selfish , evil ways. Im sure nurses will go to the bottom of the list. And through no fault of the bedisde nurses when they get wind of just how corrupt this gangsters are !

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