Nurses, Ethics, and Haiku

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haiku   Google SearchI was graduated in Philosophy, my focus on ethics. I studied nursing later.

They make it seem in ethics classes like the questions are the hard part, the complicated issues.
Ridiculous, of course. We almost always know exactly what the right thing to do is, without much deep thought, if any. The complicated cases amount to a very thin slice of life, rarely tasted. Usually the answers are quite obvious.

The hard part is DOING what you know you should when it’s costly, unpopular, risky, dangerous. Hard!

Ethics does not always allow for compromise.
It’s a tough one, ethics. Very tough.
There is nothing tougher, really.
Especially hard on nurses under prevalent conditions:

Nurse Haiku: How Many Die For Health Care Profits?
Nurse Ethics Haiku: There is no Middle Ground Here

Life and death. Making a living. Big stakes!
Yet the ethics are usually clear.
The decisions and actions… we each must live with as best we can.


  1. Great thought in this post.

    What jumped out at me was this line:

    “Nurse Ethics Haiku: There is no Middle Ground Here.”

    But in life we do need to find middle ground, is it not, if we remain committed to Getting to a YES?


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    1. A difficult question in practice. Do you compromise with Nazis on death camps? To find a middle ground, to get to yes? Would that be ethical, or merely convenient? On the other hand, some people treat EVERY issue like that. We can only do our best. We owe it to each other and ourselves to try.


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