Send me a Postcard, Nurses. I’ll Pass it Along

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GC Myers Majesty  sm
GC Myers Majesty sm

Nurses of the world:

Tell me about the abuses at work you’re too afraid to report, for reasonable fear of retaliation.

Tell me all the ugly details: identities, institutions, abuses, crimes….

I’ll not report your identity. I give you my word on that. If you don’t trust me, and given the way of the world today you’re wise not to trust me, frankly: leave out your name. I’d rather not know, if you wish privacy. No one can force me to give away secrets I don’t know, right? I like that.

Tell me all about it, all the ugliness and evil you know you must tell to the public for its own protection.

I’ll tell it FOR YOU, and burn the postcard. I trust you.


Send me you postcards – it’s cheap and easy! – to:

Greg Mercer, MSN

601 Summer Street

Arlington, MA 02474


I’ll tell the world.

No one can stop the Sunlight Project.

Nurses’ truths WILL be told.




  1. That’s powerful! I will tell you about the day, this one day which ended with me in an induced, and improperly state of sedation for over a week. All because one PA didn’t want to listen to me because, well I can only guess based on the questioning. Not one question intended to help me. I almost died, but a nurse, several of them throughout my time there chose to listen. I’m torn, ” I recovered”, leading to comments like “You lived move on.” Yet, when I have a nightmare I revisit every moment that passed. Feel every shot of pain. I will tell you. I trust you too. I was not treated seriously till after my blood pressure dropped so low. Even worse once I was supposed to be in a state of sedation and not feel a thing I was aware. I felt everything, heard everything but couldn’t move to indicate my discomfort. My meds were never checked. I will send you a full recap. You tell me if my trauma is justified. Not for a lawsuit or sympathy . I just want to know what should have happened. If you were in charge on that night, what would have been different. I’m guessing a lot.

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      1. Agreed! I want to Nursing School. I didn’t continue because I knew it was not for me. I can help people but I can’t take the heat. What your doing should be celebrated! I will start with my story. I will email it to and get specific dates and records for you. You can sign a HIPPA and keep me protected.

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  2. I have no fear of retribution. I had a Nursing Supervisor in the Air Force that made it her mission in life to make me as miserable as possible. This is when I was stationed overseas. I was scheduled for a conference to Hawaii and she cancelled it the day before I was supposed to leave. No explanation. When my son was sick with RSV, Pneumonia, and admitted, she made me see patients in the Pediatric clinic while my son was breathing 90 times per minute, on oxygen. This woman was the worst supervisor I ever had, she had it out for me, and there wasn’t thing I could do, because she outranked me. I don’t understand why nurses have to behave that way. Anyway – that’s my postcard to you!!!! You are a good egg, Greg!!!!!

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