Nurse says “No Regrets:” Punished for Ethical Work

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RN says “No Regrets” after reporting concerns about patient safety  even though…Read this important story about a diligent nurse and the corrupt managerial retaliation such ethical nurses frequently endure. Such is health care today:

RN says “No Regrets” after reporting concerns about patient safety, even though….

Any interest in change?

What are you ready to DO about it?

Anything?  I want to hear all about it…


  1. I’m not surprised. I once worked in a completely different industry, where a company was creating electronics to monitor the wear-and-tear on train parts, and they faked the numbers in order to get more investors interested (and ignored me when I criticized them for it). You think life and death would make a difference? All most people care about is money and the food it buys them to fill their lazy, complacent stomachs.

    Management sees the whistle blower as biggest problem. To most people, if you can ignore a problem, it’s not really a problem. Maybe they watched “The Matrix” one too many times. “There is no spoon.”

    (Oh, or maybe “1984”: If I say I’m floating 3 feet off the ground right now, then I am, because I said so, and you must believe it. 2 + 2 = 5, says the party line.)

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    1. We wouldn’t need whistleblowers, if regulators fulfilled their function and made it more profitable to fly right than to cut corners. As it is, firms have a clear incentive to break the law and hurt people – the potential consequences are minor in relation to the profits up front. Whistleblowers risk that relatively small dent in profits – well worth crushing them, when the risks of doing so are so small.


  2. YES! We need more nurse voices like Becky! I may only be a “CNA” but I will always go-to-bat for my nurses. I have only met a couple in my career that are really crummy nurses. The rest are like Becky-they go above and beyond for our residents, and continuously sacrifice for them. BRAVO BECKY! Thank you Greg for sharing this! May I reblog?

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    1. Of course you may reblog anything I offer, always. You’re not “only” anything:you do a very difficuly job most people are quite clueless about: you have knowledge and skills most lack. And of course, you’re welcome, Sassafrass20! Becky offers a great story, I agree, and we need far more of them!

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      1. Thanks! CNA work-and long term care in general is severely under appreciated. The staff:resident ratio is horrid, but I will always take time out for my residents. I still want to be a nurse, but I don’t know if my body can handle it…15 years as a CNA has put my body through the wringer..MORE BECKY’S!!

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