Corruption in Arizona Nursing: Business as Usual

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Arizona   Google SearchSome readers asked me for comments on a current petition drive to encourage improvements in the Arizona State Board of Nursing. I published my research into Arizona BON corruption two years ago. The results led me then to strongly recommend against working as a nurse or becoming a hospital patient anywhere in Arizona. The evidence strongly suggests that Arizona is not a safe place for either group. Its nursing regulatory system – BON – shows pervasive corruption and inefficiency that ill serves the public good. Instead, it seems to strongly protects those who abuse, defraud, of mistreat patients. Arizona BON openly provides abusers with a free and reliable means to defame, crush, and silence any nurses who report or interfere with any patient and staff abuse or mistreatment, malpractice, fraud, or any other corruption. I made my work available to the Board and Governor Brewer two years ago. All nurses in Arizona are subject to fraudulent corporate accusations, months of administrative delay with no privacy or presumption of innocence, and license revocation by a Board loaded with members who work for the very corporations that submit the complaints. Hence, an intolerably unsafe place to work.

Allow me to expand a bit on my research, with links for those who seek more detail:

Arizona grants BON members the power to end any nurses’ career without any due process or accountability. They serve unlimited terms without any requirements to maintain their competence. They often work for the same employers demanding revocation of nurses’ licenses, whose cases they decide. They are political appointees who work for the Governor.

As of 2012, Arizona rated a D+ on The Center for Public Integrity grading scale for corruption, with F scores in State Civil Service Management, Insurance Commissions, and Ethics Enforcement. Governor Brewer focused her response entirely on squelching such inconvenient news.

Arizona ensures that about 1000 nurses spend more than 7 months unable to work each year. Many thousands more suffer lesser delays. On receiving complaints, AZBON immediately publishes the accused nurses’ names, ensuring their extended unemployment regardless of innocence, as their cases slowly grind through an underfunded investigation process.

In response to public advocacy against corruption, Arizona enacted a law allowing state officials to fine and/or jail anyone anywhere on earth if they found anything posted on-line “annoying.”

For those interested:

Nurses and Corruption: We Must Defend Our Autonomy 

Letter to Governor Brewer: AZ Corruption and AZ BON 

AZ State Law: BON Rules

AZ BON Rules for Public Requests for BON Rule Changes 


  1. I met one of their board psychologists who was fired for writing too many”normal” reports. I was also told they are run by a bunch of LESBIANS. MAkes sense as they are vicious and bully women to no end. ONLY A LESBIAN WOULD BULLY OTHER WOMEN! The women that work there are butt wipe UGLY and look like men. NO DOUBT LESBIANS.


  2. The Arizona Board of Nursing has a habit of not including all findings in investigations, only use findings that will lead to discipline or loss of license! Information that consider most valuable is nothing beyond circumstantial evidence, facts and factual evidence has been left out in all of there disciplines. They are also known to punish non Mormons as the two leading members of the BON are Mormons from the same town of Thatcher. One ALJ is also a known member of the unchristian Mormon faith. It would be remarkable for this Board to be investigated for favoritism and for damaging nursing careers to help corrupt healthcare facilities.
    Thomas Kimble RN

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      1. Most people, including most nurses, pay their Boards little mind, find it boring & not worth their time. It’s mostly those who have learned the hard way who see it differently, and by then it’s often too late. Thanks for your kind feedback.

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  3. I just want to support the writer above , it is a criminal thing that is going on with Hospitals(Private corporation run) and their cronies. It is terrifying for anyone who may need the services of an emergency room or a surgeon with nursing staff. The connections with the Mormon Church is very revealing also. God bless the good nurse and doctor and medical staff that is there for the right reasons.

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    1. I’ve found a pervasive and consistent pattern of corruption in Arizona health care that allows and encourages employers to throw away nurse who stand up for their patients against abuse and fraud. The AZ BON has deep conflicts of interest and shows much enthusiasm for ruining nurses who stand in the way of corporate interests that abuse and defraud patients. I have long advised no one, if at all possible, to be a nurse or a patient in AZ, as it’ll seems far too dangerous for both groups.


  4. Thanks so much for this article and getting the word out, and coming from a source of reliability and hopeful concern it will be accepted as fact. There are many stories of corruption in the the files of the AZBON. Horrible stuff. Judgement day awaits them all.

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  5. I knew from the minute the complaint against me was filed that corruption by this organization existed as I knew I was innocent. I knew the doctor was a quack and unfortunately I said so, and got in big trouble. In the Nam we had other methods but I’m now civilized and the details of this Boards’ manipulation of the evidence and perjury is, although sad, is somewhat comforting. How could I possibly say that? I can only say, like Job, “I know I am innocent”. My soul to inform my patients of the dangers is righteous. The comfort comes from having the strength to stand up do the right thing for the profession. I know my mentors are OK with the course I took, I did what I was trained to do.

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  6. Greg, I for one know this information to be absolutely true. As a nurse railroaded by AZ Board of Nursing, and their cohorts, I have lost my employment. In my case it took almost 3 1/2 years to get to what I thought would be due process. Instead , it was a kangaroo court. Between the BON, and their high priced Court Whore parading as an “expert” and his supposed ability to predict future behavior. Especially since absolutely no past behavior exists that the snake oil salesman suggests might happen in the future. It takes a gang of liars willing to claim false statements that I supposedly said, to make me look crazy, hysterical, bizarre. Always attack the women, make them look unstable. Even though their statements were disproven, it only takes a prosecutor to write the opinion for the Judge and marked the biggest liars, “credible” while the others giving false statements , their past criminal history exposed, were also quoted as ‘credible” .
    An Ag , who’s office has been investigated by the FBI for corruption, to the Judges who played musical chairs, deciding who would sign the opinion. certainly not the judge presiding at the trial or was ever in the court room, but a current day Michael Douglas. Star Chamber, is what it was , not due process.
    A medical center Yuma regional, I was not fired, I fired them left disrespected as a nurse, and after over 1/2 year later , after filing against the stalker and prevailing in court , Yuma hospital , agent put in false complaint to reduce their liability and avoid corporate profit loss.
    While turning over their litigation for the BON to do, neither party had a case, still don’t. Risk mgt asleep , not paying attention, but was very active in writing letters to the court to assist a harassing gun toting blowhard unemployed male.
    Of course the risk mgr’s son was arrested for discharging a firearm in the city limits, so she has something in common with the gang at the apts owned by the yrmc. She was also sucessful in getting cops to do shameful work and getting others on the payroll to gang up together against a nurse to save her skin. Yuma should have fired her. Posing as a DEA agent, it came out in trial she lied, but was , given the “credible ‘ stamp. One COP she tried using his good name a top P I firm got it on record she lied, again, and to the BON which is punishable but I was the target. Ignore the nurse pool in Yuma who makes threats , she has three guns with my name on them . Lets not forget the siblings the BON brought in to testify, all in the middle of an estate case in Florida, where they are the defendants. Parade of liars, projecting , they did such dastardly deeds , Nasty, underhanded, and more criminal records.
    Human Resources, hired a criminal in the housing did not do a background check or didn’t look at it. and lots of holes in her story, was finally fired . Your also right about the investigator, who failed to contact any of my witnesses. Hardly an investigation. Just kept calling the psychologist pestering him into changing his opinion , without any further testing or dialog , he did, three times. His financial record subpoenaed , he has motive. Just how high does the hand of these crooked government agencies go up his back to move his lips So much BS Phillip (fill up ) Lett us not forget.
    It is hardly a democracy, I am hoping that other Boards of Nursing do not want to develop the reputation that Arizona Board of Nursing has, and have a conscience, and will do the right thing. I will keep everyone posted , which Boards cave. I know most have term limits so the monopoly that exists at the BON in AZ would not happen.
    At this point , your wondering , what happened to the patient, what drugs were missing, neither. NO Patient , no work involved.
    Thank you so much for your research, and writing an article that truly hit the ball out of the park . When my appeal is over I will provide names and their involvement in detail.
    I wonder if this happened to me so this corruption would be exposed. I cannot for the life of me understand the sinister ways . They are who they are and I am still who I am .

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    1. It’s stunning, really, to make such unusually inflammatory, damning claims, and to hear overwhelmingly that they’re accurate! Thanks for all the work you put into your comments; I fell you pain as much as a witness from afar can. I must say, the story of Arizona makes me happy to work in a modern democracy instead! 🙂


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