Distraction: Powerful Stuff!

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How's THIS for distraction?
How’s THIS for distraction?

I use distraction to help people, often. It helps me too…

Allow me to demonstrate with a story.

LATE last night, my daughter couldn’t sleep because she was suddenly afraid of getting sick. Lots of kids at school have been out sick lately. We tried facts, to little avail – a common situation in general: facts often bounce uselessly off emotions. It’s called reality.

We’re tired, it’s late, we’re getting nowhere. What to do?


I improvised, as I so often do. Here’s a rough summary:

“Lily, what happens when you put your forehead against another persons’ forehead? Let’s try it!” (We do it)

(After a few seconds) : “Nothing. Nothing happens… What do think would happen? Duh!” Absurdly comical and clearly goofy so far but a bit dry… Recall that I’m half asleep and making this up as I go…

“What happens when you place nose to nose?” (We try)

(Giggles) “Giggles happen, obviously!”

“What happens when you put eyeball to eyeball?”

Of course that didn’t happen – NO ONE wants to put their eyeball on another’s’ eyeball. But we achieved cheap kid comedy heaven: grossness! Goofiness ensues.

Mom calms us down. They both say ” Good Night.”

I say “Boing!” More giggles.

Then, all is quiet. Everyone sleeps. Sleeps!

How hard was that, really? Fun, quick, AND it worked like a charm. Bam!

Don’t demand what you want, good people. That’s inefficient i.e. a big waste of time and energy. I only go that way when I offer overwhelming force. ONLY then.

Make it happen with your words, instead. It’s called diplomacy!

Quicker, easier, more effective, more efficient, AND fun!

Try and beat that…

Better still, try it and enjoy the results!



  1. Such a fun distraction. Whenever my children hurt themselves, I would distract them with jokes about silly things. Worked well. Now they are adults and love puns – they say I’m to blame for their silly sense of humor.

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