Does US Health Care Help Seniors or Use Them for Profit?

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"Santa" on Vacation. He Gave Kids Business Cards!
“Santa” on Vacation. He Gave Kids Business Cards!

Unfair question? Perhaps, but read this article before you decide:

The medical system may treat you well, but less so after you reach age 80 – The Washington Post.

Is health care helping this elderly woman, or putting tremendous burdens of her budget, time, and energy to extract wealth from her?

I don’t speak to individuals’ motives here. I speak to the effect they have on her life, taken as a group. She faithfully puts in lots of painful stairs, lots of money, lots of time isolated out in the cold, to have her most pressing and obvious needs completely ignored, don’t you think?

I want to know, folks.

How does this story – typical of our chaotic and fee-driven health care – how does it strike you?

How does it make you feel?

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  1. I have worked with seniors for over 20 years. It saddens me to think of how they are often represented as a diagnosis, instead of as individuals. How their care is driven by their code status. How many hospitals are now developing geriatric psych units to care for elderly patients who are simply overmedicated, or “mis-medicated” How so many of our elderly population saved every penny they earned, but they now live below the poverty line. And the vultures prey on them…selling them insurance they don’t need, timeshares they can’t afford, and convincing them to change providers by feeding them revenue-driven propaganda. I could go on…but to me, a person who has spent the majority of her career on the front lines…seniors deserve better.
    Great post!

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