11 Gifts for Nurses and Everyone Else

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Ten? We take it over the top to ELEVEN!
Ten? We take it over the top to ELEVEN!

Happy Easter and Happy Spring, kind reader!

I love blogging and especially, all your great responses: it’s fun!

The Big Red Carpet (BRC) isn’t JUST this blog, though. There’s more, much more.

Today I offer you a tour of one of my other projects.

On Pinterest, I collect blog posts, jokes, art, photography, nursing inspiration and education, quotes: LOTS of good stuff!

I can offer far more variety there than I could ever manage blogging, and it’s a nice change of pace. Here’s the tour:

1) BRC Nursing Fun,

2) BRC Nurse Power,

3) BRC Nursing Mental Health,

4) BRC Nursing Quotes,

5) BRC Nursing: LearnGrowWin!,

6) BRC Nursing Art,

7) BRC Blogging Tips,

8) BRC Nurses & Women,

9) Big Red Carpet Nursing – each pin a post from the BRC Nursing blog,

10) Nurse Blog Posts – from a variety of great  blogs, and

11) Dozens more boards with thousands of cool pins, listed under “gregmercer601” or “Big Red Carpet Nurse”.

Any other Pinterest users out there? I’d love to see your boards!


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