Saturday And Not Working And No Snow – SPRING!!!

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Not your average Easter Eggs!
Not your average Easter Eggs!

Four goods at once! Nothing to shovel today, except chips into my mouth, perhaps.

My main chores today have been sleep, sweet sleep, and messing around.

Middle age heaven!

Even my Blog Challenge bit for today is light and fluffy.

I wandered some promising paths a while, collecting pictures and the like on two themes: Spring, and Easter. My religion has one member that I know of – that would be me – and this year Easter for me largely amounts to DEEP thanks to God for Spring. A little late and a little cool for my taste, but if I were running things… picture a mess. A really messy, messed up mess. Who am I to criticize?

Anyway, here’s what I found, all posted individually as well:

Natural Beauty      Happy Easter from Berlin!      Egg Decorating in An Artist’s Home

Happiness is…       So, U Ready for Easter of What?     April Weekend      Hop, hop, hop?

Happy Easter       Image Odyssey: Galaxy Easter Eggs      Happy Easter!


No off I go, hop, hop hop to find some fun… no more Easter eggs for me!

To those for whom it has meaning, Happy Easter. To the rest, have a fine weekend!



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