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Writer's block? TROUBLE!!!
Writer’s block? TROUBLE!!!

My Blog Challenge assignment today is to discuss my response to writer’s block. What do I do when my Muse cuts me off? Fickle Muse…

One easy answer is to cheat.

I’ve been writing material, much of it easily adapted to blog posts, for years. Ten years, maybe more, off and on. Piles of material!

I can dig in that pile and find something promising. It’s not hard. For me, the problem isn’t material, it’s motivation, time, energy.

Often enough, I really don’t feel like adapting old material into blog posts. It sometimes feels less like writing than drudgery.

So I wander the internet, newspapers, books, movies, music, others’ blogs, current events, social media, local streets. It’s far, FAR easier to come up with fresh topics when you offer yourself lots of fresh stimuli. Soon enough, something strikes me, and there’s a post.

Just like that.

Sometimes I up and write it, edit, publish – done deal. Bam!

Other times, I set up a draft with the stimulus, maybe a few phrases, and leave them on ice for later. I use a WordPress widget to create near-instant drafts as I wander: easy!

Reading and writing are very tightly bound: I honestly doubt they can be separated. Even my ‘spontaneous’ ideas are tied up in lots of old reading and learning.

Writing is, to me, about ideas. I don’t do fiction. Except to read it!

Ideas happen in a vacuum, but not often, and they’re often weak material. Usually the good ideas come as a response, a reaction to something outside of me, some inspiration.

That’s when my Muse stops with the stinginess and sends me some love.

Good times…


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