Nurses and The Sunlight Project: Help!!!

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GC Myers Majesty  sm
GC Myers Majesty sm

I can’t do it. I just can’t…

No worries, folks, I’m fine. This isn’t a pain and woe vent post, I promise.

So why the drama?

I’m a shameless attention seeker, for one, and I’m telling the truth.

I can’t put together a system to help nurses safely and powerfully protect each other from abuse.

Not all by myself. I can’t do it alone, as much as I’d like to: I lack the time, the knowledge, the energy. I can’t pull it off on my own.

I CAN do it with others, and I deeply appreciate all the help that fine nurses have offered so far. As a group, we nurses can do ANYTHING we set our minds to. That truth is obvious, proven by history. The only question is this one: will nurses build nursing and health care together, or will we each struggle to get through each day, changing nothing?

Many nurses are quite overwhelmed by unfair and unsafe demands put upon them. More nurses each day, it seems. We can each drown individually and let our patients drown with us – even heroes have limits – or we can build our smarts, our skills, and our numbers into an unstoppable tidal wave, a tsunami for change that no corporation, no government, NO ONE in fact can withstand. We can permanently make our nursing lives better, and serve our patients far better, IF and ONLY IF we improve the big picture. Or we can wait until we break and quit, one by one, and watch our patients suffer more each day for our lack of vision and courage. I believe in nurses and nursing. I believe, as beaten down as we have become, as tired, overworked, abused, neglected, and divided as had become the norm, we can save the day. We’re nurses. That’s what we do: the impossible, because it must be done. We get it done. We refuse to give up or compromise on essential values.

So far I’ve had some volunteers for this cause, but mostly lots of blog post Likes and applause, which feels nice and doesn’t improves matters. Only a team will get this job done, a team that encompasses the diverse skills, values, experience, and personalities from all aspects of nursing.

So I ask you today:

How can we earn your trust, secure your involvement, build our team?

What are you willing to do, to give, to teach us?

I picture many possible roles:

Tactics and strategy advice,

Recruiting and spreading the word,

Nursing specialty advice,

Computer and other technical skills,

Business and legal advice,

Flag wavers and other writers like me,

Video productions,

Media outreach,

Nursing organization outreach

Nurse bloggers and other nurse writer outreach,

Commentators and individual perspectives,


Ideas and inspiration, and

Criticism and other feedback – ESSENTIAL!

Let’s get moving forward, nurses.

No more griping in private while we drown a little more each day and enable the powers that abuse us: we can do better! it is both our professional duty to do better, AND the path to better lives for all of us.

No more apathy, cynicism, lateral violence, watching the nursing ship sink.

Nurses everywhere, stand for yourselves and each other!

Stand up and raise your voice for change!



  1. I am certainly willing to help. I want to expose what is at the base of problems of many.
    By casting sunlight on them takes them out of the shadows.
    NO one would go into nursing if they knew how the system in Arizona works and so corrupt.
    I am willing to do anything to expose and organize. Thanks everyone , the numbers are growing. !

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  2. Okay, Greg–I’m in. I can help with computer skills, writing (for flag-waving, nurse blogger outreach, letters the editor-type items), and research on how to organize us. That’s going to be number one, to organize.

    On the topic of feedback, I’d like to suggest a couple of things relating to this article that might make it easier to read and absorb. I’m a nut for organizing information to facilitate learning, so ideas for improvement jump out at me. Wanna hear a couple of ideas?


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