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Sarah Fader wrote Fighting Against the Stigma of Mental illness about a year ago for the Huffington Post. Then she started a nonprofit organization, Stigma Fighters. She tells her own story and asks others to tell their own.

Stigma kills people and causes much of the suffering associated with mental illness. It worsens the isolation and secrecy that too often lead to suicide. It’s a crucially important topic! I believe that stigma recedes a little bit each time a person openly discusses their mental illness experience. The topic becomes a bit less toxic, more routine and normal. As stigma recedes, so too will some of the risk of suicide. We can save lives this way and ease millions of people’s’ suffering. I’ve found that open discussion heals the speaker as well. Dark secrets are such a burden that openness brings palpable relief.

I signed up yesterday and submitted my story. I heartily encourage others to do the same: you get a shirt too!


  1. Perhaps I shall share my own story, Greg. Right now, in the midst of the planting and growing season, it’s a matter of time for this urban farmer.

    About three years ago, I shared portions of my story on an online, anonymous forum in my hometown. I don’t recall my motivation for posting, but I expected to be slammed. The outcome was entirely different! It turned out to be one of the longest running threads in that forum’s history, complete with others’ stories as well as stories from family members of those with mental illness.

    Good for you for sharing your own story! Every story shared dims the harsh light of stigma a little bit more.

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