A Nurse’s Take on Boycotting Indiana

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Governor Pence Mulls His Losses
        Governor Pence Mulls His Losses?

I’ve followed the news from Indiana, where Governor Pence, weighing a run for President, has decided to support the right to discriminate:

I’m a nurse, and a person and citizen who strives every day to do right. I’m not a big fan of discrimination or hate. I find both appalling and offensive. I can think of no evidence, for those for whom it matters, against the idea that Jesus and God are equally appalled. Hate stands against the best of all religious and ethical thought. Hate is evil’s best friend and supporter. Religion and religious folks have their rights, yes, of course. We all have rights to our opinions and beliefs, and to express our condemnation of others’ behavior, based on our beliefs. We are also subjects to others’ reactions to our opinions, within the rule of law. Religions can hardly demand the right to punish others AND total immunity from public opinion.

That said, how can a person effectively respond to hate? It’s easy to get angry, to rant and rave, but only action makes much difference. One can make hate costly, shun it, shame it. Make hate pay a price and suffer for it: one can do that.

I’ve done a bit of research. The #BoycottIndiana movement is quite popular at the moment in social media, but how in the world can most of us boycott Indiana, when we’re nowhere near it?

Actually, there are many options:

Boycott companies headquartered in Indiana, for example. Here’s a few:

– All Simon malls. They’re in all 50 states.
– Steak n Shake
– Atlas, Global, and North American Van Lines
– Pay Less Food Markets
– The NCAA. That’s right: March Madness, all of it.

There are also conventions, conferences, tourist venues, and jobs to shunned.

Lots of options! You can shun hate, or you can embrace it. Your choice, of course. Choose well!

Finally, it turns out Indiana is just the latest state to protect and encourage hate. There are 20 states with such laws on the books, including Texas, Florida, Illinois, and Louisiana. Hate is on the march. Time for action!

Your choice, of course:
Support hate, or not.
Protect our Founders’ vision of separation between church and state, or not.
Vote with your business, your money.
Vote with your feet.

It’s a free country, right?
Only if we choose to keep it so, actually.
Do you so choose?


  1. What a waste of time and energy…..It’s so much easier to be kind and loving to people…I sometimes think that one of the pre-requisites of graduation should be psycho-therapy! (But then who would monitor the therapists out there that are a little “wacked” themselves????) Ugh! Hateful, ignorant people SUCK!!!!

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  2. I too live in Indiana, did not vote for Mike Pence, and am horrified by most of what he does. I am just as outraged by his recent actions as everyone who is calling for a boycott of our state. What saddens me is that it is easy to call for a boycott, but there are many good, open minded people who will be hurt just because of the geography of where we live. I can’t just move because of Mike Pence’s ridiculousness. My career and many people I love live here. This is not just an Indiana issue. It’s a national issue about the right of politicians to legislate discrimination. I wish people could think more broadly about this.

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    1. You make a strong point, and it’s certainly been a concern of mine. We each must make our choices carefully. There are not always easy or perfect amswers available. I see none in this situation. And in any democracy, you must deal with the politicians elected, whether you voted for them or not. I would certainly prefer to deal with such issues on a national level, but that seems quite impossible under current circumstances. Hopefully this situation will resolve quickly. Thanks you for your input – Greg


      1. I’m afraid that the state of Indiana being as it is, and the way our Congress and House of Reps run things-and the Indiana Supreme Court goes, this will NOT resolve itself soon. It really makes me sad and disappointed and embarrassed

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