Follower Friday! Reader Promotion Party on the Red Carpet!

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Call out sexism!This idea has been so much fun, I’m giving it a tryout as a weekly feature!

With so many subscribers and contacts, and more every day, I get overwhelmed at times. I enjoy a chance to get to know folks better and boost my karma a bit. Every bit helps!

Consider yourself cordially invited to the Big Red Carpet Promotion Party: plenty of room for everyone! Turns out, it’s a magic carpet, not just the walk-on-me-for-photo-ops-at-the-Oscars variety. It’s friendly and helpful, and the Big Red Carpet offers views you’ve never seen before, takes you places you’ve never been to before. Great place for a party, don’t you think?

Simply postΒ a Comment with whatever you’d like to tell us about yourself, questions, problems, jokes, pictures of your cute kids, it’s up to you. If you like, check in with others at the party: mingle! Remember to leave any contact information you like: blog links, other social media handles, pet projects and causes. It’s your call!


Hint: I’m looking for guest bloggers on the Big Red Carpet…

Let’s have some fun πŸ™‚




  1. Oh man Greg, the casualness of this blog post is quite appealing. Thanks for all you do for nursing, I really enjoy reading your blog. A few months ago I started a podcast called The Nurse Practitioner Showβ„’ and developed mobile apps for Apple, Android and Kindle Fire devices at I hope things will settle down soon, so I can enjoy reading some other great nursing blogs. Thanks for compiling a list of blogs on your website footer, it’s great to have a resource that collects it all in once place!

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    1. Thanks for your kindness and offering your projects. Hopefully I’ll get to them very soon! – Greg
      P.S. Is it as hard as I fear to notice that Blog Role? I hope to put it somewhere less… isolated, for I fear readers might not notice it.


  2. Great idea Greg. I am just chilling in bed this morning and later on will take one of my boy to a birthday party where he has been the only boy allowed. Later on will visit my mum in hospital. Have a fab week end everyone!!

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  3. Very cool what you do here. I’m not a nurse, but I’ve often thought of going into a healthcare field (public health, specifically). I saw a Runner’s World story yesterday about a nurse who helped out a fellow runner (he not only helped her and her daughter do their race, but he ran backwards, caught up with his wife, and ran his own race to close the circle of his own tradition) and thought of you, Greg. Hope it’s okay to post it here. Nurses are amazing; I’m lucky to have several in the family. So here’s that link . . .

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  4. Hello everyone! It’s 10pm here in SA and I’ve just come back from a lovely sushi dinner. Off to bed now with the sniffles because I have to be at my kids school at 7am to set up for a big walk event. I’m selling at the cake table. Then….I am handing over my kids and rushing off to attend an out of town WEDDING in the afternoon! Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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  5. Love your idea and thank you. Ladies, I invite you to start paying attention to and loving your “below the waist lady parts”! Yes, we now do pay attention to our breasts thanks to the Susan B. Komen Society…now let’s learn about the signs and symptoms for the below the waist area. Come on over to A serious subject but we nurses have an important role in helping to get the word out about serious health issues. A toast to Angelina Jolie for speaking out, and Pierce Brosnan for his voice and financial support for research.

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  6. Afternoon Greg! I too like this idea, it’s something I’ll add to my ever growing to do list! Looking forward to a trip to London tomorrow to see a play, stopping off for some cocktails too! Happy weekend everyone.

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  7. Hi Greg, great idea. No coffee for me. Just water until this evening. Getting ready to unwind now and take it easy for a couple of weeks hols and carrying on birthday celebrations over the weekend. My lovely mum was 70 on Thursday so we’re spoiling her loads. Have a great weekend everyone.

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